Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tag you are it

Ok, not really, but its been a while since I have played tag. Yet, I was still tagged by Kathy at Kathy Just Keeps Running to do a "21 random things" list. Thanks for the tag Kathy and but I can't think of 5 things to share about myself let alone 21. I will work on it and see if I can figure something out for a post later this week! Thanks for the tag.

Monday morning I was planning on getting up early and going to Spin class, but when the alarm went off at 5AM I hit snooze. This was my extra day off before heading back to work, why oh why did I plan to get up to workout so early. I did wonder how many new gym members would make it my 5:30AM spin class, I guess I will find out Wednesday when I show up.  I got my ride in around 10AM at home.
I pulled out my old Polar Heart Rate monitor, I figure if I don't have a computer on my bike I can at least work my heart rate during my rides. I used this calculator and it suggested 131 to 168  - Higher than average Fitness - Vigorous exercise. When I was pushing heavy resistance -  it was between 130-140, and then down to 120. Now that I have more of a baseline I can focus on keeping my heart rate up for longer periods of time while I am riding. 

On to day Day 8 of 21 - Primal Challenge:

Diet - No labels Challenge - Instead of reading "Nutritional Facts" on the packed foods just avoid them all together.  This is a bit tough for me as I have already gone grocery shopping for the week. However the foods that I am eating the come out of a package or have a label, I know what is in them. The bare  minimum.

Exercise - Sprint Workout - Complete a few Sprints as part of your workout. This will be no problem as today I have a 2 mile easy run planned. I think instead I will change it up and add a few sprints into this workout. The plan calls for six sprints lasing 10-30 seconds wrapped into a 15-20  minute workout session. This will be fun and challenging at the same time. I think in the past I have maxed out at 7mph on the treadmill for 15 seconds. I wonder what I can do today.

Lifestyle - Go barefoot! Try to go barefoot or use minimalist footwear for at least 60 minutes today. Easy peasy! I would go barefoot all day if the world was a cleaner place, but because it isn't I just go without shoes in our home. As for working out without shoes, while that sounds awesome to me in theory right now my ankles and Achilles can't handle it.  Maybe I will walk on the treadmill barefoot for a few minutes at the end of my sprints.
Overall I am getting the hang or Primal eating although to someone who is more extreme I might fail. When I went grocery shopping this yesterday I was more aware of looking at labels of even foods that were labeled organic. I was specifically looking for some dried fruit without added sugars and was unable to find any at my local Safeway store. I went to PCC in hopes they would have  bulk section but they don't at the one by my house. Next stop this week will be Whole Foods and Trader Joes hopefully I can find what I need with little problems. I did pick up some Coconut Flour and plan to make some coconut pancakes this week. We shall see how they turn out.

Do you know anything about heart rate workouts? Ever cooked with coconut flour?


  1. Great job with the Primal Challenge. If you find dried fruit without added sugar let me know. I've had not luck in my search.

    I'm not familiar with heart rate training other than the target zones. Is there more to it then that? I've never cooked with coconut flour.

  2. ..."if the world were a cleaner place"...so true, so true.

    As I sit here and eat my Chinese food from Haagen's deli, I salute you and your primal challenge.

  3. look at you with the primal challenge...awesome job! What a tough challenge, because I know we all tend to bend for the packaged foods, unfortunately! never cooked with coconut flour, but sounds like something worth trying!

  4. I have always admired people who have "gone Primal" it makes a lot of sense when you think about eliminating additives! Good Luck and Happy New Year :)