Friday, January 6, 2012

Some days just don't go as planned

And, well that's alright. Its at the end of the day you say "even with all the crazy today was a good day." Yesterday didn't go as plan, but at the end of the day it was a good day. Starting out your day with a dentist appointment that requires your mouth to be numbed is not advisable. Especially when you have to go to work afterwards and it stays numb for longer then you expect. No fun.
To make a bad day good I asked my husband to help me hang my new medal hanger from  Allied Medal Displays. I have been wanting one since I earned my first medal and finally after Christmas I ordered one. They are a local company so I emailed them asked if I could just pick it up.
How I displayed my Medals before

Just a little note to my husband in the garage so he doesn't forget how awesome I am.

How I display my medals now!  4 for me and 1 knee crushing medal for my husband.
With plenty of room for more.

Our workout area of the Garage is slowly coming together, motivation is being put up. The white board is awesome to list out my runs or workouts I need to complete for the week. I also keep my PRs listed there as a quick reminder of where I have been and where I want to go.
Under the mirror that you can't see we have a step, boxing gloves and are building our weight collection. Soon our own private gym will be complete so no excuse will be allowed. 

I got my 5 mile run in after everything was said and done last night. It was a great run! I felt strong and I got to check out my new hanger the entire time. It was actually great motivation. I need to make the area around into a motivational wall.

Day 11 of 21 - Primal Challenge:
Diet - Create a Primal Recipe  - While this seems fun, I am not good at making up recipes. For me making stuff up is grilling some veggies, cook some eggs and eat. That fits for primal right? The creative cooking gene is not in my body.

Exercise -  Workout of the Week: This was supposed to happen yesterday, but I had 5 miles planned for my HM training. So I switched it with today's workout. I figure like any other training plan its okay to move things around and adjust them as needed.  The WOW consisted of the follow:
  1. Push ups 2 sets
  2. Sprint 40-80 Meters
  3. Rest 60 sec
  4. Pull Ups - 2 sets will switch in something else since I have no pull up bar
  5. Bunny Hops - hop w/ feet together for 20-40 yards
  6. Rest 60 sec
  7. Squats 2 sets
  8. Sprint 40-80 Meters
  9. Plank max time
  10. Advanced Addition  - Sprint/Bunny Hop: Sprint 80 meters, turn around and hop 40 meters, then walk 40 meters back to the start. Rest 30 seconds, then repeat.
Lifestyle - Work Peak Performance: Basically start the day with making a to-do list. If you get pulled away from your to-do list when you get back to it prioritize your list and work methodically through each task with undivided attention.  I so need this task this week. I often make a list and then just work from it in whatever order I want. Taking care of the easy task first leaving the more difficult stuff for later.
Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend. Don't forget to Fitness Blog Hop today.


  1. As great as your new medal display looks, you can't beat the cuteness (and enthusiasm!) of the first one. ;)

  2. How exciting to have a home gym coming together! I want to get a treadmill at some point... but I only really want it for those rainy, cold days, so I'm not sure it's worth it... we'll see!

  3. I love your medal display, & mini-you can still display them when she needs to :-)
    Oooooh I am so jealous of the space you have for your home gym, looks awesome keep it going.

  4. I like the hanger....may have to look into one myself.

  5. I love your workout space. Very nice and motivating. Have a great weekend!

  6. My hanger says "My race bling" too :) NICE!!!! Local company - that's cool!!!!

  7. My kids always run around with our medals, too. I don't really like it, though. I'm as protective with those as I am my lovey blanket.....wait, did I say that out loud?? LOL
    I like that medal hanger! I need to invest in one.

  8. Awesome post! So motivating. I think I need to add a bigger white board to my workout room so I can use if for my weekly workout schedule.

    There's nothing wrong with simple recipes. Great job keeping up with the challenge. That's a serious workout plan!

  9. I love your "old" medal hanger. She's adorable. Your garage is coming together nicely. You will soon be out of excuses for not working out!

  10. I love your first medal display :)

    Ok, can I come and workout in your garage?! Looks awesome!!!

  11. Wow! I'm impressed...I would LOVE to buy a medal display, but alas, have never actually medaled (I guess a closet to hang all the free t-shirts would be in order...:). Hope the dentist appt wasn't too bad...yuck! Hate doing that!