Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow + No Power = Miserable

Yesterday, I mentioned how we were on day 4 of being all stuck at home. I forgot to mention that my daughter is not a fan of the snow, she doesn't like being cold. Shortly after I posted the blog it got worse. The power went out right before 8AM. Not only were we all home, but now we were home with out power and it started snowing again. We finally decided to head into my office to at least charge our laptops and get warm for a little while. Once we got a little work done and the little one burned off some energy we headed for home. My husband had an idea to try to pick up an generator for our hours. We checked the local Home Depot, then tried a pawn shop and lastly a Tractor store. Only the last location had them but the cheapest one was $1,300. You can bet I said no to that! I suggested a hotel more then once but he seemed to think we would do fine at home. We headed to Pizza Hut to eat some dinner before heading home.

I could have went with a salad but honestly I was miserable so I ate what the  family ate. Two bread sticks, 4 chicken wings and 1 piece of pepperoni pizza without cheese all with ranch. Oh and a lovely Pepsi. 

After dinner we got home and snuggled into bed to watch a movie with the little juice we had left on our iPad. Once that was over it was lights out, oh wait! 2 adults, a 4 year old and a 12lb dog all snuggled into a queen size bed makes for a bad night of sleep. We were not cold, but there was just always someone in my way.

This morning I woke up, hoping the power was on. It wasn't so Evie and I snuggled in front of our gas fireplace, which doesn't provide much heat when the electric blower is not working. Once my husband was up it was time to hit the showers.......oh my goodness getting out of a hot shower to a house that is 54 degree's is terrible. After getting dressed as quickly as I could we packed up the car to head to the next town over to get a quick breakfast (Egg McMuffin meal with an OJ) before heading into my husbands office.

As for the rest of the day, my gym is closed, the roads are icy and we have no power last time I checked. We have to clean out our fridge and freezer when we get home but for now I am trying to just take it one hour at time. That is all I have for now!


  1. oh yuck - that sounds so hard! We were out of power for a few hours, and that was a total pain. A few days would be miserable...

    My 4yo daughter has been coming into my room every night lately, so I can completely relate to the not enough room in bed thing. We even have a king sized bed, but she sleeps right on top of me anyway, so I get no rest! Hang in there!

  2. Man - that's rough - i hate to be cold and not be able to get warm - that's the worst!!!!! It's okay to be cold if you can heat up hot choc and bump up the heater and take a warm shower, but . . . . straight up hours and hours and days of cold - no thank you!!!! good luck - hope you get power back on soon!!!

    Warm hugs from IN -

  3. So sorry you guys are having such a rough time right now! Fingers crossed the power will be back on soon!

  4. totally feel for you. we went 55 hours without power. it bites. wait-you will be so excited to do dishes and laundry when power its back on! excited. sadly yes. its hard when everything around you had power but you.

  5. Wow...that does sound awful...I would sooo rather be hot than cold any day....hope it all gets better soon. ;-)

    And what about the food in the fridge? Hopefully, it doesn't go bad too quickly.

  6. Oh wow, what an adventure! Showering in a cold house is the worst. We have no snow here, but I'm enjoying reading about all of you snowed in! There's something fun about it for a day, but I know you're beyond that point by now. :)