Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One smart cookie

I love me a good cookie, but since going low carb morphed in to primal/paleao I have been avoiding to the best of my ability. I still buy them for the family. This week these ones stood out to because of the catchy reminder to Donate Blood.

Some might find it a bit odd to advertise donating blood on a cookie, but heck I think anyway we can remind people is good enough for me.  So Be a Good Cookie and Give Blood Today. :) Instead of cookies this week I have been eating Cutie Clementines/Mandarin.  We picked a bag up at Costco this week and they are half gone already. I think I ate 5 yesterday through out the day, thankfully 2 of them have about 80 calories.  I would rather eat these then one regular orange any day of the week.

On the workout front Monday I got caught up on some DVR'd shows while riding my bike for an hour.  Tuesday I hoped on the treadmill for a 3 mile run. My back survived but I am still being careful. I ran by feel and adjusted the treadmill as needed but tried not to focus on my speed.  Good news on the Hot Yoga classes, my gym has finally released the real days for Hot Yoga and the classes I can attend fit perfectly into my schedule. Now I just need the weather in to cooperate so they stop closing the gym early and I can try a class.

Alright spoiler alert if you watch the Biggest Loser. Just a few observations from last night:
  •  Who walks away from BL? And to use your family as an excuse? - ughhh
  •  Who names their kid Chism? Really Chism?
  •   I usually like Bob, but he is just bothering me this year. Maybe its just the editing but he just seems like an ass this year.
  • I feel like people are kind of half assing it this year? Maybe its because the contests are smaller then previous seasons.
  • It drives me bonkers that the sell diet pill ads during BL? Really do we need to see PGX advertisements. 
Do you like oranges, clementines, mandarins, satsumas or whatever your local variety is?

Have you watched BL yet? Would you walk away from once in a lifetime chance to train with Bob or Dolvett?


  1. I haven't watched BL yet. I am furious reading your post that someone walked away again. Are these people that stupid? I hate it when people volunteer to leave...they need to change their screening process to prevent this.

  2. I associate cookies with giving blood, so I see the connection. In college I used to give blood JUST for the free snacks, so behold the power of cookies!

  3. i can't believe he quit either! i was confused though bc bob didn't find out/call him til he was already back in NY??? and what about Rulon a couple seasons ago, didnt he quit?? I'm sure it's hard to leave your family but it's better than being with them and killing yourself!

  4. OMG! Those cookies are basically the Girl Scout Samoas (that I'm pretty much addicted to, dangit).

  5. First, you're incredibly strong and you have will power that would hold back a canon blast. . . how can you have cookies on hand and not eat the whole bag? I ask because my husband was less than thoughtful last week and brought home a dozen donuts (my most incredible weakness) and a chocolate cake (seriously tie4d with for my biggest weakness) and chocolate fudge (oh Lord kill me now. . . thanks honey for being oh so supportive of my weight loss efforts!). You are amazing! I eventually gave in twice last week and went buck wild (hence I blew my daily calories OUT of the WATER! sigh). This week I made a chocolate cake with a diet coke and topped it with fat free cool whip - BAM take that cravigns!

    I like cuties and would prefer to eat them over most oranges any day. I'm a BIG fan of navel oranges - those super big ones that are out like Christmas to late January - those are remarkable. I'm eating Sugar Belles right now . . . they're alright!

    I watched BL last night (well, an hour of it). Missed the final weigh in - boo! Training with either of those men - oh yes, sign me up, tuck in my homesick skirt, pull up my big girl panties and get whipped into shape! YES please!

  6. I'm with you on BL, on every point. Really who walks away? Chism?!? seriously? And, Gale totally bugs me. So does the girl who accused the other one of cheating in their little challenge. Give me a break.

    Nice job resisting the cookies. They actually don't really look worth it to me. Now, the birthday cake that sat around my house for a few days - that was worth it :-)

  7. I think it's lame that he walked away. I think they shouldn't allow it. Make it a rule or something. You accept the invite to the show, you can't leave. That blue team at show should be furious. I think the Bob/Dolvett thing is what's bothering me. Why can't they just get along. But, I do recall B and Jillian battling a little bit at times. Congrats on your year! I just hit mine as well. ;)