Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New 2 U Cross Training Challenge

Kim over at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls created a challenge to try 12 'New To You' Cross Training (N2UCT) Challenges this year.  I am all up for trying new things, I really like finding Groupon's or Living Social deals for fitness classes to try. With this new challenge it will give me extra motivation to find a new workout.

The process is simple - each month look for a new way to cross train. Do it once or add it into your training schedule the choice is yours. Each month select something that is 'new to you' and go for it. What have you got to lose?

If you decide to jump in on this challenge or are looking for ideas - check out Kim's tab and contact her to be 'linked' up with the rest of us.

In thinking about my 'New to Me' cross training I started searching the web for different workouts I could try, here are some of the ideas I have stumbled upon. If you are local and considered doing one of these workouts but were afraid to join alone, hit me up and we can try it together.

N2UCT Ideas (in no particular order)
  1. Zumba - I received the Wii version for Christmas and have yet to try it
  2. Jump Sky High - Trampoline workout - this looks like so much fun
  3. Water Aerobics
  4. Swimming Lessons - I can swim, but not very well and I would love to improve
  5. Trapeze Class - I have always wanted to try one of these and see them often on the coupon sites
  6. Body Pump Class - my gym offers these and I have yet to attend one
  7. Pilate's - I had done Yoga and enjoy it I would love to try a Pilate's Class
  8. Try a new piece of equipment in the gym (have to check it out not sure what I haven't used yet)
  9. Go for a group run with strangers......a race does no count, but find a running partner or group to run with. I would also consider a City Tour run a group run. Something I have never done before.
  10. Boot Camp Class
Well that is a start, I am sure I can think of some more idea's as the warmer months arrive. Share your N2UCT ideas?


  1. I love the idea of a group run with strangers. That would be a comfort zone stretch for me.

    I'm also planning to run hills this summer. I mean, for real, drive to a hill and run up and down it for a training run. So scary.

    Thanks for jumping into the challenge. You've got some great ideas.

  2. I know I love her challenge...what a great way to get us all OUT of our comfort zone :)

    Good luck to ya!

  3. I love the idea of a Trampoline workout!!! Might have to steal that this summer. In Jan, my New 2 U is swimming. Whew, it's hard!

  4. LOVE your ideas!!!! I'm jealous of the options around you!!!! Body Pump - go to the class right away - no more putting it off. You'll LOVE it!!!! If you are sure I'll love spinning then you'll love Body Pump :) ha!


  5. Check out my latest blog post! livingsocial has a deal going on right now for BCOR BootCamp. $20 for a month of unlimited classes. The deal ends tomorrow, though.

  6. ? Jen...I can't remember where I read about compression socks? Did you ever post any thing about a pair? Have you ever tried any?

    My calves have been throbbing a bit lately after running and I am thinking about trying a pair to see if it helps...just curious. ;-)