Friday, January 27, 2012

Lost that loving feeling

Last nights workout 5.3 miles.  I wasn't feeling it. I did a walking warm up and then increased the incline up every 1/4 of a mile up to 8% and ran at a very slow pace. I have a run in March that is 50% up hill so I need to really work on running up hill. I figure a little hill work here and there would help that out.  Lately I feel like I have lost my running mojo, I know we all have bad runs but I can't seem to get over this funk. I know better runs will come, hopefully the show up soon.

Before my run last night I had an appointment to get a facial at a local hair salon. The facial overall was ok, not sure if I will try it again. I think I like the hour of quite time better then the facial results - so maybe it is worth it to have 60 minutes of pure bliss.  While I was changing back into my shirt I noticed in the garbage can the leftovers from the mask. It was a hard mask and it looked it a little creepy staring back at me from the garbage can.  Of course blogger style I had to pull it out and snap a picture.

Overall yesterday for me was just a blah day. I hoping today picks up as we head into the weekend, but so far not so well. My stomach has been bothering me some more, to the point where breakfast consisted of bread. I skipped having coffee as I am afraid that it might just upset it more.  The plan right now bland food taking today as a rest day and hope for the best. 

Hope you have a great weekend. Don't forget to Friday blog hop. See you on the flip side.


  1. Hope you find your running groove again soon! It will come back! I had back-to-back crummy runs this week, went home really ANGRY and frustrated from work issues, and ran my fastest treadmill 3 miles ever. Sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn't. Sure hope you don't have a stomach bug--those are the worst!

    Sending happy running thoughts your way!

  2. I'm diggin' that you dug in the trash to snap that pic! LOL I would have to. Are you doing some speedwork? Maybe some bouts of fast running could snap you out of it. What about routes? Try a new route even if you have to drive 30 min to get there. I find that reinvigorates me most times. Good luck! In my best New Yorker imitation accent, "Snap out of it!"

  3. Hahahahaaaa loving the mask :-) Hope you can get out of you downer running soon.

  4. Love the bloggy style trash can pull and photo - cracking me up!

    Hoping you find your running mojo back . . . I think it's just that things in your world have been "off" a bit lately with the power outage and storm . . . soon friend, you'll be feeling the miles fly by like it was chocolate cake easy!

  5. I felt I was kind of hitting that wall for a while too...(during my major eating fest that lasted a few weeks unfortunately) However, today is a new day.

    I have been eating better these last few days. I have been running....SLOW...again...and slowly its coming back.

    I think our bodies know when to take a break. Yours may be needing that...take the break and it will come back eventually I am willing to bet. ;-)

  6. We MUST get you out of this funk. Where exactly in Washington do you live? Let's plan on a race together this spring. Something to look forward to with a fellow running chick to get us through this blah winter. Do you ever come to the Vancouver/Portland area???

  7. whew, that mask is CREEPY! LOL! I've never had a facial, but have always wanted one :)

    maybe you just NEED A BREAK...sometimes our bodies know better than our minds...hang in there!

  8. Boo. Hope you feel better.

    As far as the burn out...maybe you need to mix it up a little with some other sports? That helped me. (Thanks to Run Less Run Faster)

    PS: Tagged you in my 11 random things post today. :)

  9. hope you feel better soon! I had a facial once and just thought that it was ok...I'd much rather have a massage :)

  10. Sorry for the blah day... those will come. Hope you're feeling refreshed soon!