Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I was a good cookie

Last week I mentioned that a cookie box reminded me to donate blood.  Then the Winter Blast of 2012 hit the Pacific Northwest, funny even during the middle of the storm I was receiving calls to come and donate blood. See I am O- and I if I don't go donate at my regularly schedule time I get calls to donate, more like polite harassment's.

Yesterday, after work I headed to the Puget Sound Blood Center and made my a donation. I have been taking my vitamins so my iron levels where good which are usually cause of me not being able to donate.  Look away if you are squeamish! :)  The photo was after the clean up, my vein was a bit crazy today that blood actually squirted out when the inserted the needle. That was a first for me.

The best part of donating blood! Apple juice and lemon Snickerdoodles....there of course are other options but that is what I usually pick.  

I had to resist laughing out loud when I saw this sticker on the side of a napkin holder.

This was the first time I gave blood since starting watching Vampire Diaries and when I felt the warm blood line on my arm I was kind of grossed out. Then I wondered if Vampires preferred there blood warm versus in the refrigerated  manner the drink it on the show. Then of course my silly mind started thinking about if Vampires could even be real.

Of course if vampires all had this sort of look, I might start believing. What can I say I am a sucker for the dark hair and blue eye combo.

I wanted to get up this morning and run before work, but it wasn't happening. I can't figure out why its so hard for me to run in the early morning. I really need to get over that. I have 3 miles on my plan for today I might need to make up a Biggest Loser Run to get it done with tonight. Last time I did that it made the run just fly by.

If you watch BL do you watch it live or DVR'd and at a later date? I usually let it queue up and then start watching it so I can skip through the stuff that annoys me.


  1. I can't give blood. Even when my iron is stable, just the thought of giving blood freaks me out to the point I pass out or have a panic attack. I can't even be in the same room as someone who has just given. I have to have yearly (and sometimes more often) blood tests to keep an eye on medical issues and they have to sedate and restrain me just for that.

    I watch Vampire Diaries JUST for the eye candy. Oh, Ian Somerhalder. He can bite me any day. *drools* lol

    1. bummer Jess about not being able to give blood. I spent 17 days in the hospital due to a car accident when I was 18 - I was poked so many times for blood checks I think I am over it. It's doesn't even phase me anymore.

  2. according to True Blood- when they are drinking synthetic blood, they like it chilled. I believe there was an episode awhile back on Vampire Diaries where Stefano keeps a bunch of blood in a freezer chest to build up his strength as well

    However if its 'piping hot' from a human, then they like it warm.

    I have thought about this before (obviously)

  3. 1. Mmm, Damon can suck my blood anytime! 2. I only watch BL PVR'd because there is a lot of fluff to fast-forward through 3. I wish I gave blood, but I'm with Jen above, spent too much time in a hospital with twice-daily pokes...maybe that should make me want to donate more...

  4. Just came across your blog, I really like it! I used to donate blood but than i went to south africa and couldn't for awhile. keep up the good writing! :)

  5. I need to go and give blood...you are making me feel guilty!

    I watch BL dvr'd because I don't like ALL of the commercials and the drama at the weigh in...WAY too long!

  6. He's my favorite from Vampire Diaries!

    I watch BL the next day on the DVR. 40 minutes of commercials is too much for me!

  7. Great job on giving blood. While I don't watch Vampire Diaries, they are all fun to look at.