Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fresh juice, so good

Since watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last fall I have wanted a juicer. Well I wanted one before it but it really inspired me to want on. I kept putting it off and finally gave in and purchased a juicer on Friday. This morning after figuring out how it all worked and prepping some veggies I was ready to go.

My first juice was a random collection of stuff I had picked out. Spinach, strawberry, carrots, apple and cucumber - it turned out great to me.  My daughter was less then impressed.

She did however notice the pears I purchased and wanted me to make her some pear juice which she promptly refused to drink.  I just added it to my juice and drank it up - fresh juice is delish.

I am still trying to figure out the best combo, thankfully I am not that picky and so far all of my creations I have enjoyed.   I have already learned some tricks and hope that I can add veggies and fruits juice into my diet on a regular basis. I also thinking doing a 3 day juice fast might be in my future.  Of course I went to Costco to pick up some more supplies and not I feel like my kitchen looks like a farmers market.  Now to find out the best combo and best way to make juice in the least amount of time.

Do you have any favorite fresh juice combos? 


  1. Man, that looks delicious! I haven't had fresh juice in YEARS . . . I remember going to Florida during Christmas break when I was a kid to visit my snow bird grandparents and they made fresh juice every morning and every afternoon - YUM!

    Hope you'll post about some of your experiments - I think I saw a cucumber in one of those pictures - not something I would I have thought to try. Have fun!

    1. Yes cucumber is in the first one I tried. I can't wait to try more combos. I will share the good ones.

  2. The spinach drink I found on the Dr. Oz site is delicious!!

    I can't quite remember the recipe but, its pretty close to:

    3 cups of spinach
    about 2 cups of ice
    one scoop of whey protein (I used a vanilla flavor..really good)
    1 Tbls. peanut butter
    and I think 1 c. of Soy milk (I used a vanilla flavored one here too)

    blend it gets very family did not like it but I loved it!
    Energy up the Wazoo!!


    1. That sounds good. I have already been thinking of how I can added the juice into a protien smoothie. :)

  3. I don't have a juicer but this really makes me consider it - such a great ways to get in extra veggies every day.