Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fat Joe, no longer Fat

I love when a celebrity or person of interest lose weight the old fashion way - well as far as we know. The could be secretly popping pills or getting weight loss surgery, but I have to take them at face value here.

I read this article yesterday about Fat Joe.  He hit is low point last year after losing several friends to obesity. It was his wake up call that he couldn't continue to be overweight.  A few statements really stuck out to me:

Fat Joe, who is 40, is not on a specific diet, but simply follows basic steps for eating foods that are nutritious and not artery-cloggers!
“I’m goin' off what you know and what I know,” he said. “Carbs is what’s givin’ you the diabetes, and what’s givin’ people heart attacks. We can’t be carb dependent.”
It is such a basic and simple principle, we have become a society of packaged foods and foods loaded with crap so that they can sit longer on the shelf.   We just need to start making the change as a society to care about ourselves. Once we realize that we have value, that we matter as a people we will start to see a change. I really hope that in my lifetime the obesity rate starts to drop, but I also know that asking for the end of obesity is like a pageant queen asking for world peace. Its a pipe dream. All I can do is start in my home, encourage my friends and lead by example.

I am usually not one to talk about my weight loss or share my experience much. In fact I tend to shy away from it, something my husband never understands.  For example when I see another runner whose blog I follow I am timid to walk up and say hello and it usually takes all my energy to do it. What can I say I am shy.....something my friends would disagree with, but if I am out of my comfort zone I am shy. I often feel like a fraud in this 'healthy living' realm.  My goal this year is to break out of that comfort zone - be more open in real life with people about my weight loss and struggles.

Are you shy talking about your running or weight loss?


  1. This is a good post and really brings up some interesting points. I think sometimes people don't talk about weight loss because it's yet *another attempt, at least that's what holds me back sometimes.

    New follower here, will take some time catching up on some of your old posts! Happy New Year!

  2. I'll happily talk about my weight loss, running (I'm a happy plodder) and anything else really on my blog but for real & in person its a different story. I'm like you and just shy, I take a VERY long time to be comfortable with new people let alone randomly go introduce myself to a fellow blogger I follow/follows me.

  3. I am shy about it until you get me going and then you can't shut me up, at least about running anyway :)

  4. This is going to shock you . . . I can be shy (gasp!). I try to shove it down and just go over and talk to a blogger whose blog I know (usually I appear like a freakzoid) or a local runner whom I have seen or heard of but never met. It's not as easy as one might think it is for me.

    That said if our paths cross someday, I'm coming right up to ya and sayin' W'uz up girl! :)

    I hope I can loose this weight so that I can shout all about it from the roof tops! We'll see . . . going to have to stay tuned for that.

  5. I will talk about things but only when asked and then I won't shut up. Leading by example is the best we can do. Nice post.

  6. I like to talk about it if other people want to hear. And you're right, it is nice to see a celebrity do it the good old fashioned way. :o)

  7. I use to be very secretive about my weight and the process. That's when I started my blog a year ago last week. I put it all out there from weight to body measurements and pictures. It helped me be accountable. It made me feel this sense of pride because I was being honest and up front to everyone. -30 lbs later, I'm still at it, blog and weight loss.
    I think you will find yourself feeling less self-conscious and more comfortable in your skin if you start sharing more personal "facts." I say go for it!
    I'll be reading....and cheering!

  8. I sometimes get a little shy talking about my running, especially to those who I know are way faster than me. But hey, as long as we are out there giving it our best, that's what matters most, right?

  9. OH wow i had no idea fat joe was even working on losing the weight. Total transformation but he's so right on. As for the shyness, I generally feel the same though I see it more as being reserved. I dont like random anybodys getting to know me unless I want them to lol weird, i know

  10. I'm not sure that shy is the right word ... embarrassed might be a more apt way to describe how I feel about my running. On the one hand, I am thrilled to have gotten to this point (I'll run 8 miles for the first time on Saturday, training for a 10-miler). However, when I read other blogs and see just how remarkably SLOW I really am compared to other people, I definitely feel like shutting down.

    Thanks for sharing--looking forward to following your blog!


  11. I like to talk about my weight loss journey, both ups and downs but my husband is def more shy and timid about his! I think for all of us that have struggled with weight, there's a part of us that never feels confident, and that's the part I have a hard time with.

  12. With regard to running goals -- I shied away from even setting any. Now I have, and I'm just keeping them close, too scared to put them out into the universe. I guess if we do say it out loud then we can be held more accountable and keep ourselves in check? Ugh, it's hard!

    Is he just going to be "Joe" now? ;)