Thursday, January 5, 2012

21 Things Thursday

Wednesday Workout:
  • 45 Minutes of Spin Class in the AM, had to leave early to make it to work on time. I usually get there early to make up for it. Yesterday, I barley made it on time.
  • 65 Minutes of Hatha Hot Yoga in the PM - OMG there were over 50+ people in the class.
I mentioned early this week that I was tagged by Kathy at Just Keeps Running to do a "21 random things" list.  Here I goes nothing -  21 things about myself.

  1. My name is Jennifer the year I was born it was the #1 baby name. In fact it was the number one girl name from 1970-1984. It was in the Top 10 for 25 years (1966-1991).  In 2011 it was #120. Needless to say there are a few of us out there. 
  2. My daughter's full name is Genevieve (we call her Evie) - I like to say she was named after me only classier. Truth is we heard the name years before on TLCs Trading Spaces and it was the only girl name we could agree on.
  3. I once told a guy I liked that "Boyfriends were a winter sport and it is almost summer" as a way to break up with him. Funny thing, I am married to him now and I never hear the end of that comment.
  4. Speaking of marriage - I was married on a Thursday. We had  a small out of state wedding and we really wanted to get married on that day so we did. It was perfect.
  5. For our Honeymoon we went to the Atlantis Resort  - the deciding factor for us at the time was that it had water slides.
  6. I started playing basketball when I was 5 years old - I loved it but my senior year in high school I got burned out and stopped playing. No reason really, just feel out of love with it.
  7. Speaking of when I was 5, my parents cut my hair that was past my bum into a pixie cut that year also. I went from looking like a cute little girl to getting asked if my brother and I were identical twins. I got used to saying "I am not a boy" Yea that still stings.
  8. I didn't move out of my parents house until I was 21. It was free as long as I was in school so I didn't see the need. I wanted to make sure that when I left home I didn't need to come back.
  9. We used to go camping at Lake Chelan every year as a family. Growing up my brother used to tell me each year that a different scary animal lived in the lake so I would pass when it was my turn when we were on the boat. I remember specifically one year he told me Jaws and the next year it was alligators. Never trust an older brother.
  10.  In those camping adventures the kids would sleep under the stars on a folding lawn chair. The adults slept in the tent with the two dogs. One year it started raining and we had to fit 3 kids, 2 adults and 2 German Shepard's in a small tent. This may be the reason I no longer like camping.
  11.  I don't like mushrooms. I try them every once in a while to see if I like them and nope don't like them. I especially don't like the smell of cooked mushrooms.
  12. I love coffee - enough said.
  13. I don't like mint, unless its fresh mint in my mojito. I have only met two other people who do not like mint.  
  14. I am reader. I am not picky and read pretty much everything.  I also will read the same book twice.
  15. I am 5'8" but often get asked if I am taller. I find it odd as I always where flats maybe its just my ego. :)
  16. I am really 5'7" 3/4 or something like that per the doctors visit in December. How I am already shrinking?
  17. I have excellent eye site and don't have to wear glasses, but I kind of wish I did as there are some stylish specs out there. I also  think I look good in glasses.
  18. I was once grounded until my parents told me I was off. They forgot and two months later I asked if I could leave the yard and they were like sure.  What is funny is they were complaining to each other that I was super clingy all summer and hanging around the yard. They couldn't figure out why I wasn't leaving to play at someone else house.  
  19. I currently drive 2 VW. A 2000 VW Golf and a 2005 VW Touareg. I say I drive as my husband rides the bus daily and I do drop off/pick up off for him and my daughter then drive to work. I drive the Golf the most to save on gas.
  20. I am half Cuban. My mother was born in Cuba but our family left when Castro took over. My grandmother and aunt returned for a visit in 2011 for the first time in 50 years.  I would love to some day visit.
  21. When I as 7 we went to DisneyLand. I was terrified to go on Space Mountain so my brother convinced me that every time we go around a corner say meow. Like Meeeeooooooow - it helped me over come my fear and love the ride. That same day I told my Dad what my brother and I had been doing. When I went on it the next time with dad said Meow like 100x (meow, meow, meow, meow.....)during the ride, I dont' think I explained it well enough, but it was a good laugh.
This is the post that never ends, it just goes on and one my friends. Well there you have it. 21 random facts about me. I am supposed to tag 5 people, but I all of my brain cells are dead from thinking about random items about me so - tag you are all it. If you feel like participating please do as I love reading other peoples random experince and quirks.


  1. Half Cuban - cool factoid! Your list is interesting and contains a lot of humor - thanks for sharing your 21 facts.

  2. the "boyfriends are a winter sport..." comment is hilarious - even funnier that you are married now! I would never let you live that down either.

    I had a "dorothy hamil" bowl cut when I was about 8 - once I was wearing my softball uniform that said my name on the back and heard someone ask "why does that boy have "kathy" on his shirt?" Yeah, felt good.

    Love your list - thanks so much for playing along!

  3. I must say this was really cute...I learned a lot about you....and I will still be reading...ha!ha!ha!

    My mom did the same thing to me with the hair Kinder. I have a school pic with long blonde piggie first grade my school pic shows an all over short boy! (Supposedly my hair was hard to comb and got sick of my fighting her to brush it and threatened to cut it...I guess she won that battle.)