Friday, December 2, 2011

Why I am not a good food blogger

Thursday I thought since I can't talk about my normal Thursday run, or my first run post half I will blog about what I ate.  Living in a low carb eating world can be difficult, but fun. While I would love to just eat meat and cheeses all day to keep my carb count low, I know I need to add in veggies and try to get them where I can. Here is a day in the life of what I eat:

Two eggs over medium
3 asparagus spears diced
about 1.5 pieces of bacon sliced - I picked off the meaty parts before cooking
Flavored Coffee w/ SF syrup and creamer

I love Eggs in the morning but I am learning to add veggies to my breakfast. I love the taste of asparagus with the yellow part of the egg. Another favorite is dicing up brussel sprouts and cooking with bacon and then placing the eggs right on top of it all. So good.

Snack #1 - Oops I forgot to take a photo. It was a Grande Americano with SF Carmel Syrup and a little cream.

Lunch - See I told you I was a bad food blogger - Lunch was light and filling with leftovers appetizers stuff from Thanksgiving. 2 mini babybell cheese, salami slices, hot and spicy crunchy green beans and  diet cherry coke.  A normal day is usually some sort of leftover protein and veggies, but lately I haven't been that hungry at lunch so I kept it light today.  I did have a Fresca after lunch and took a photo with my phone, but for the life of me can't get it to send. Plugging in my phone to my computer is just to much work for a can of Fresca.

Snack #2 - Protein Drink - exciting I know. I usually have a protein drink or cheese and almonds in the afternoon. Just enough to hold me over until dinner.  (no photo, see reason above)

Dinner - Ended up being Subway, I got a text from my hair person reminding me of an appoint that I thought was tomorrow.  So after picking up the munchkin we ran to Subway and got this lame salad. The normally fill the bottom with lettuce and spinach, but with the little one begging for Cheetos I didn't get a chance to correct them. It got the job done so at the end of the day it was perfect.

Evie on the other hand had her usual plain sandwich with Turkey and olives only. We then made worms out of Cheetos wrapped in turkey and olives for the heads. Getting creative will get your kids to eat just about anything.
As for a workout on my first day with no Cardio - I did a 13 minute Wii Boxing workout, abs, and some arm work with 15lbs.  Monday can't come soon enough so I can hop back on the Spin bike.
Don't forget to blog hop - its is Friday after all. 

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  1. SHEW ... i read breakfast as FIFTEEN pieces of bacon, SO glad I reread it ;-)

  2. Ok, firstly, Evie and her eyes are just the cutest thing ever - I always love pictures of her, she is so vibrant and looks like a real character. :)

    Your breakfast looks yummy! I am a terrible food blogger, too, it is hard to remember to take pics, then uploading is a PITA.

    How long have you been doing the low carb thang now? You like?

  3. Brussels sprouts are yucky.

    Evie is absolutely adorable.

    Wii boxing, forgot about that one, that is a good workout!

  4. Your brussels sprouts breakfast sounds awesome! I love those weird little mini cabbages.

  5. wow and i thought I ate healthy- way to get in so many veggies- HBBC points :)

  6. I'm a terrible food blogger - I always forget to take pictures! Your eating is so healthy- great job getting so many vegetables!

    New follower from the blog hop!

  7. Not a bad food blogger at all! How long have you been low carb eating? I'm more of a carb minimalist :)