Monday, December 26, 2011

Weekend Update

I managed to workout a little every day over the weekend, nothing earth shattering but I am proud to keep the workouts going over a weekend filled with holiday family fun and food.
Friday: Ran 1.5 miles and 30 minutes on the bike
Saturday: Went to Spin Class at the Gym
Sunday: After all the Christmas festivities I spent 45 minutes on my bike in the Garage

Over the past few days I have been reading the Primal Blue Print and I decided that I would try the 21 day challenge. I don't think it will be to difficult as before the long Christmas weekend I was low carb so by switching to a more Primal/Paleo I lose most dairy, which isn't a huge thing as we don't eat a lot of dairy as my husband is lactose and allergic to cheese.  With this change I have some things to accomplish today.

Day 1 Goals -
  • Purge pantry and kitchen - for me this is more of a rearrange, as the whole family is not switching to this diet - just me. I am going to put the foods off limits to me in the pantry and create a shelf just for me.
  • Preparations to restock - Perfect time for this as I normally grocery shop on Sunday and I skipped it today so I need to restock soon
  • Increase daily movement - I am not worried about this on most days. Today I am donating blood, so if I don't get my workout in early I won't be working out.
  • Acquire some new essentials - See Preparation Restock above
Overall I think Day 1 will be easy, it is Day 3-5 that I am more worried about as that is when the sugar cravings will kickback in for sure.  Starting this today instead of as a New Year's Resolution gets me one step closer to my goals for 2012, which right now are all ideas. I really need to sit down and define them better. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Other than my weigh in this morning (although totally not surprised b/c I have been eating horribly) the weekend was super!!!

    So....I am officially back to where I started prior to training for the half. Thats 10 pounds heavier right now than I was on Oct. 29th. Boy I can really eat with the best of them.

    Starting today...I am turning over a new me!!

  2. Ohh good luck with the new eating plan. On my blogroll is Train with Lisa - she did the Paleo diet. She talked to us about it back in May when we met up at a half marathon. She's super nice and friendly so if you have questions or get stuck - check out her blog.

    I'm soooo impressed you worked out EVERY day this weekend. Dang I feel like such a slug. I did nothing . . . but eat. Great job - so impressive!

  3. Ooooh, this is going to be interesting to follow. Can't wait to see how you do. My husband is eating mostly paleo (but he doesn't call it that). Meat and veggies, right? But, he binges on Saturdays. I mean like, "apple fritters the size of my head" binge. Good luck!

  4. I'm a huge fan of not waiting until Jan 1st to make changes. Today is an awesome day to start. Good luck! You can do it!!

  5. Great job staying active over the weekend! Purging sounds like a great plan right now.

  6. Great idea to start a new plan right after Christmas and not wait till New Year. I read a lot about Paleo on blogs these days and it works very well for those who follow it. So am sure it will work for you too.

    Also great you kept active during Christmas.