Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Round Up

This weekend wasn't that successful workout wise. I have been so incredible tired and my 4 year old has been waking up quite a bit at night saying she can't sleep. Talk about frustrating, I woke up Saturday morning so tired that I skipped Spin and ended up sleeping in until 8AM. This only works  because the little one crawled into bed with us and I kept telling her to go back to sleep.

I had an infrared sauna appointment scheduled for 9AM so I finally got up, put on a bra and headed down to the Yoga Studio to sit in the sauna for 30 minutes. I figured if I put on a bra at the least they might not notice that I hadn't showered and pretty much just rolled out of bed in sweats and an over sized sweatshirt. After sweating my booty off I headed home to take a shower. The little one had a school 'parents day out' so we dropped her off and got some shopping done.  We ended up cutting it short and heading home where Sean watched a movie and I slept on the couch until it was time to pick Evie up from school.

Sunday  I went to Hot Yoga, but not until 4PM, talking about putting it off. I finally talked myself into go and it was so worth it. Afterwards I made a chocolate banana protein drink which was so good, which is shocking as I am not a fan of  banana's. It was just a frozen frosty goodness and I was still sweating when I got home. That is one thing I really love about Hot Yoga, I seem to sweat for about 30 minutes after the class before finally starting to cool down.

This week my plan is simple if I am not Spinning, I am attending a Yoga class........but wait on Wednesday it will be 3 weeks and I might get to go for a test run. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday so I will see what she says. My lower back (lumbar strain) is doing ok. I wake up with a little pain, but nothing to bad. I finished my anti inflammatory last week and when I was on those I felt fantastic so I might ask for another round of them to get me through.  We shall see.

Last but not list - my beautiful child would like to sing Feliz Navidad to you all........she doesn't know all the words, but she is to cute not to share.

How was your weekend? Are you ready for the Holidays?


  1. Oh my gosh she's adorable!!!

    My weekend was epic - I did the HUFF 50K relay - you have to check out the recap and the videos - e.p.i.c!

  2. Putting on a bra is dressed in my book. LOL. I hope you get to run this week, fingers crossed.

  3. I agree with Kim, and who has to shower/dress to go sweat in a spa?? My standards are lower than yours, I think!

    Will watch Evies video when I get to work but I'm betting she's adorable. :) That girl has spunk!

  4. Is that Feliz Mom and Dad? Cute version if so...ha!

    My weekend involved finally having "Uncle Dave's" memorial service. As services go it was beautiful. So many wonderful tributes to such an awesome man!