Thursday, December 22, 2011

Want to guess I am going to do today?

I am going to run. It has been 3 weeks since the doctor ordered me not to run and let my lower back (lumbar strain rest).  I am first going to hop on my bike for a little bit and then I will be hitting the treadmill for an easy run just to see how it feels. I am a ball of nerves. Here is to a good run.

Besides finding out that I have an ear infection when I went to the doctors this week I also had some blood work done.  The last time I had blood work done with this doctor was 2006. My insurance changed, I had a baby and my insurance changed a couple of more times, here it is the end of 2011 and I went back to see here.  She was beyond excited with my results. I wasn't bad in 2006 (if I had to guess I probably weighed about 50+ more then I do today), but I am better now. She asked me what I was doing and I shared a little bit about my journey to better health. Overall if my doctor is happy, I am happy.  I was a little worried that being on a low carb, higher fat diet might hurt my blood work, but overall my body is responding great to it and I have the numbers to back up my choices. 

For the record I didn't go 5 years without blood work, I know I had it done when I was pregnant and a year after that, I just have no idea where the results are.  One other silver lining of the doctors office I had a great weigh in, I was expecting the worst since my appointment was after lunch time but I was pleasantly surprised. It gave me the extra boost to push through to the New Year.

How often do you get blood work done?

How far would you run after taking 3 weeks off from running?


  1. Good luck on your run today! I just had 5 weeks off from running and my first run back was 1/2 mile walking, 1/2 mile running x2!

  2. I would take it really easy for a mile or two. No pressure! Good luck.

  3. I don't know what I'm looking at with the blood work, but I am glad you and your doctor are happy! Ugh, how often do I have blood work done? This year, it seems like HOURLY!

    My cholesterol is really low - like 100. At least it was pre-op. I'd be interested in knowing, like you with the low carb, how much it has changed since I had WLS and am always gnawing on a hunk of meat these days. :)

    Enjoy your run! Take it easy!

  4. I hope your run is awesome!!!!

    I would play the distance by feel.

  5. Oh I hope your run was pain free and fun! Congrats on the awesome labs. I do health fairs for a living so I am able to get my blood done regularly. My last January labs were not that fabulous so I've been kinda chicken to get it rechecked, but will in January - eek!

  6. I hope your run went well. How far did you go? Pain free I hope!