Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Having a hard time relaxing

I know my body needs rest, but I am really having a hard to with this no running doctor order. As much as I love laying around on my bum it is making me antsy to do something.  I did hit up Spin yesterday morning and plan to go to Hot Yoga tonight, but it just doesn't feel the same. Both are difficult for me but there is something about running that just feels like I got a workout in.  The plan until 12/21 when I have a date for my test run is to basically alternate Hot Yoga and Spin class. 

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday - Spin Class
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday - Hot Yoga

I also need to start the push up challenge I keep talking about as well as work in some upper body on 2 of those days. Just haven't figured out when I am going to do that. I have a fear that I won't get the motivation to run again. 3 weeks with no running is an easy way to break a habit that I spent forever building up.

My weight lose has seemed to stall out, which is also frustrating, I know my body needs to adjust to not running and I need to figure out my calorie needs a little better to get the weight moving in the right direction.

On a positive note I did get my Christmas Cards out for the Christmas Card exchange hosted by Kim. That felt productive and I hope they reach there final destination soon. I was leery of using  the weigh machine at the post office because I used it a couple weeks ago to mail a package and it was sent back to me for more postage. WTH? I had weighed the package on their machine and bought the stamp through their machine so I have no clue why it needed more postage. Either way I sent them this morning and I hope you all enjoy.

Any tips or tricks for getting through the rest period I am in? Have you mailed your Christmas cards yet?


  1. I was just cleared by the doctor to run again a few weeks ago. I did a lot of swimming and some workouts at home with my heavy bag. It drove me crazy not to run but I knew it would be worth it in the end. Though I did have my moments of doubt.

  2. I finally got stamps and mailed my cards today. Good for you to get yours out too. What a relief, right?

    Yoga and spin are great options for cross training. What about the stupid elliptical? That's always good for a sweat...

    You'll build it back up after you are released to run again. 3 weeks off is better than 3 months. I know I've appreciated my ability to run even more after I've been sidelined.

  3. You'll get back to the running habit. Just keep getting other exercise in and when you are cleared to run, it'll feel great to get back out there. I *finally* seem to be running pain free again after a year of off again/on again and I can't seem to get enough of it.

    I haven't even gotten my cards from shutterfly yet, much less sent them out LOL.

  4. Well, to help you get through the rest period which happens to be during the holiday season, can you spend the time doing more of the holiday things (menu planning, party planning, decorating, wrapping, internet shopping?) If you don't have a long list of stuff to do I'd be happy to ship you my list to get a little help with (I'm here to help you in any way I can . . . hee hee). I'm sure your to do list is plenty long - maybe the free time will give you some extra time to do those things you don't have time to do when running is part of your schedule????
    Hang in there bloggy friend - you'll be running again before you know it . . . and think about how amazing it will feel to get back to "normal".

  5. I'm mailing mine out tomorrow for the blogger Christmas card exchange and the ones for family and close friends should arrive on Monday for me to address and send out. I'm a little behind!