Thursday, December 1, 2011

Add me to the injured list

I am glad I didn't sign up for any runs in December. I am officially on the injured list.  I went to the doctor yesterday morning because of the pain I have been having in my left hip region. Turns out its a good thing I am not a doctor as my hip is fine. I do however have a lumbar strain.
Doctors orders:
  • Take 14 days worth of  ant-inflammatory  - twice a day
  • Take muscle relaxers as needed (recommended only to take at night)
  • Bengay Message, alternate ice and heat
  • No running for 3-4 weeks
  • No lower body exercise for a minimum of 1 week
My counteroffer:
  • Try running in 3 weeks, starting out small 1-2 miles - date with my treadmill 12/21
  • No lower body workout the rest of the week, but can go back to Spin on Monday
She agreed that I should be ok, but if I have any pain I have to stop. If in 2 weeks I still have pain then I go back and get referred to physical therapy. My only reason for negotiation is for the past month when I have went to Spin, it really helped to loosen it up and I usually felt better after class.  Right now I am going to take it one day at a time and really focus on my eating to keep the pounds coming off.

These photo's are in from my half on Sunday and these were the best of the bunch. Normally I smile at the camera, but with the rain I just didn't have it in me to get excited.  I love the first one, my legs look slim - I need to hire this camera man to take more photo's of me. :) 

Dragging my booty across the finish line. :)
Rocking the skirt

What is your favorite upper body workout? I need some options to get me through the next 3 weeks of no lower body.


  1. lumbar strain... wow. i really hope you heal quickly and take it easy! have a good day, jen!

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry!! But you looked super cute in that sparkle skirt! My favorite arm workout is BOXING! I have a bag in my basement and it's amazing how much I sweat... and how looong a 20 min workout can feel. In fact, thinking about it now, I'm gonna do that today.

  3. Cute, cute photos! Sorry about the injury. I like Jess's boxing suggestion.

  4. Ugh! Feel better soon. I love that sparkle skirt! I love sparkly things :)

  5. Sorry you are injured, but that sounds like a good recovery plan! Take it easy!

    I love the pics - great running skirt!

  6. what exactly is lumbar strain??? Just in case I ever get it?


    In our cycle class we have the option of doing a "KrankCycle" it works your arms/shoulders/ and torso a bit too...its very intense ...I was surprised by the workout and the sweat.

    Good Luck.

  7. Love the sparkle skirt .. you look great! Sorry to hear about the injury, but 3 weeks will fly by. Especially this time of year. Hang in there and get healthy!

  8. Ah pants!!! But at least you have a diagnosis and some pain relief & and rest program. Heel up properly now you hear.

  9. Oh that totally sucks, sorry to hear! Love the photos though, you look great - where did you get that cool skirt again? As for upper body workouts, I like the good old standards - lots of biceps, shoulders and triceps...boring, I know.

  10. LOVE the sparkle skirt! So sorry to hear about the injury. Sounds like you're being smart about it, though. Here's to quick healing!

  11. Lumbar strain - good luck! I got severe lumbar strain back in 2001 and dang if that didn't hurt for like 5 years. The chiropractor was the thing that really got me over the pain hump. I think it's great you went to the doctor and got a diagnosis. I work in healthcare and I LOVE that you gave a counter offer to the doc - you're awesome! Take care of yourself and get back on the active roster soon!!!

    Upper body - umm, well, I like swimming, but if that's not possible I think push ups can really do the trick.

  12. Oh shoot - sorry, I forgot the MOST important thing . . .

    YOU.LOOK.AWESOME IN YOUR SPARKLY SKIRT!!!!!!! SUCH A FUN COLOR especially with the gloomy weather!!!

  13. I love that first picture too. I remember running past the flag line last year. Very emotional.

    Good for you to go to the doctor and come up with a plan. Haha, I would be counter offering too...

  14. Sorry to hear you're injured. Take it easy and take enough rest and you be back at running before you know it. Take care Jen.