Wednesday, December 28, 2011

8/10 and room to improve

If I had to rate Tuesday on a scale of 1-10 for over all health and wellness I would give myself a 8.  There were area's I can improve and I will work on those over the next few weeks.  I got both  my scheduled workouts in a short 2 mile run, which I pushed myself at. It sounds funny to say that I am pushing myself but I have to remember my speed is just that MY speed. For me  I was fast for these two miles.

After my quick run, I gobbled down half a Nature Valley Granola bar (not on the primal diet, but quick energy)  and head to Hot Yoga. I am still feeling a little ill during certain poses in Yoga, I am hoping this will end soon.  I have 2 more sessions left on my pass that I bought a few weeks ago, then I will need to decide it I will continue to practice Yoga at this studio.  I am leaning towards staying there for another month or two, but I don't know if I want to pay a Hot Yoga studio fee as well as my gym membership. Rumor has it that they are going to start Hot Yoga at our gym, so I guess it depends on if they will charge extra at the gym. 

Eating Challenge - Day 3 is a bit more challenging and I am actually going to skip one portion:
  • Primal Celebration Dinner Planning - I am skipping this, as just getting my family to eat this way will be a challenge enough. Although last night I had Chicken and mixed veggies, they had chicken and green beans out of a can. Its one step in the right direction, I will call it a win for all.
  • Boycott Industrialized Foods -  This one is difficult, but it is easier to avoid as much as possible and plan meals that don't include those. Having non processed items on hand for when I am  tempted to snack on chips or cookies should really help.
  • Full-Length PME Workout - consists of Push ups, Squats, Pull ups and Planks - everything except the pull ups should be easy enough to do at home. I don't have a pull up bar right now, I wonder what I could sub in its place.
  • Play - Find time for spontaneous play.  If the weather permits we will head outside for some sort of game with my daughter. If we are stuck inside I am thinking Just Dance 2 for the Wii might be needed. I received Zumba for the Wii - not to spontaneous, but I have never played it so it would be 'play'.
Have you ever made your own protein bars or recovery bars/cookies? Have a recommendation for those?


  1. Sorry no help for homemade recovery bars, but great job 8/10 is a GREAT day!!!
    I like that you are taking small steps with your family!!!
    I also love that you got 2 speedy miles in - at "MY" pace (I also have that pace).
    Sounds like a great day. Good luck with day 3.

  2. I'm no help either! It seems like you had a great day in my opinion.