Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What was I thinking

Who has two thumbs and thought it was a good idea to sign up for a race at the end of November, after Thanksgiving.  This girl! Of course I only have one thumb in this photo, that looks a bit hmmm...off - but that is what happens when you are taking a photo with your cell phone in an open area.  I like to keep my obsessive self photo taking to myself as much as possible.

I am seriously second guessing myself. I have a feeling it is going to be miserable. Let me list the reason why this is going to be potentially miserable:
  • The half marathon portion starts at 7:30AM, sunrise is schedule for 7:30AM that day
  • The weather report calls for 50% chance of rain....which means rain of some sort
  • The weather report also says high for the day of 43 degrees! That is the high, so you know at 7:30AM start its going to be low of 33!
  • One of my three injuries could force me to walk some or most of it
  • I still have no idea what to wear. I think I need to get full tights instead of capri's and compression socks
  • With the weather report, I don't think my family will be there to support me at the end, I don't want to have my 4 year old out in the cold and rain
Now I just need to prepare myself for the worst case scenario and if it is even 1% better then I thought it was going to be I will enjoy the race.

The question running through my mind now is do I need a poncho also? I remember in 2009 I did the St. Paddy's Day Dash and we looked like this:

Completely and utterly miserable. When we arrived at the race it was snowing and by the end of the race it was pouring down rain. We were soaking wet! I was never more thankful for the dry clothing I brought for after the race and this was only 4 miles. I might cry if it rains the entire 13.1.

What would you wear for a run in this type of weather? Tell me about the worst weather you had to run in?

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  1. Toss away gloves. Capris with compression socks will be fine! A hat and a garbage bag over the top that you can throw away.

    You are going to do great! The last part of the course is beautiful (and so is the middle, once you get out of the tunnel). And, the treats at the end! So worth it.

    You are going to be so proud of yourself when you finish.

  2. Hey...I have only participated in 2 official runs.

    The first was COLD...long pants, coat, and shirt with ear covered headband...oh, I always need my ears covered!

    The other was my recent Monster Dash...cool to start but beautiful by the end.

    Never had to bother with rain or snow...thank goodness!! I am definitely a fair weather fan!!

    Good luck in what ever weather you get.

  3. Don't despair! You can do it and you will feel (rightly so) like you are a badass! Once you're wet, you can't get wetter, and running a race in the rain brings out a fun "we're all in this together" looniness.

  4. My only suggestion other than what people have already said is a rain coat with a ball cap underneath. That way the hood of your coat doesn't drop in your face. My rain coat has the zippers in the arm pit that I undo so that I still feel really ventilated. And the thin material is perfect if you decide to take it off because you don't need it. It will be light around your waist if you end up running with it on.

  5. That last picture does look really cold! but don't worry about that for this weekend. I like the advice (Just) Trying is for Little Girls gave you. go with that.

    You can do it!

  6. oh wow! i couldnt imagine running in rain like that!?! eeek. i am hoping for the best for you! do you have any light jackets that could double for warmth/water resistant?? good luck!

  7. I ran the chicago spring half marathon in 40mph winds and rain! It was crazy - but I was so happy when I finished! I look back on it now and can not believe I finished it! So you just need to roll with it and have fun - you will not regret any minute of it. Just set out to have fun! Wear a garbage bag until you start and toss it when the gun goes off - throw away gloves are good and a hat too would be nice to keep the rain out of your eyes. Long pants or capris and compression socks will both be perfect! Enjoy the fact that you are one of the crazy few that show up to start the race :)

  8. You're going to do great! Can't wait to read all about it!

  9. Wear 2 layers as your top so you can take something off later in the race.

    I'm someone who doesn't really care if it rains during a race. My worst races (DNF) were because it was too hot.

    Look at the bright side: if it rains there's a lot of oxygen in the air which makes it easier for you and knowing you have to run a half this weekend helps you not to indulge at Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving Jen.