Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Round Up

My week did not start off well, but it ended with a bang. I knocked out 6 miles Thursday night followed by Spin Class Friday morning and then another 3 miles a little later in the morning which felt amazing. My legs feel so much better when they are warmed up.
Saturday I debated on whether or not I should go to Spin Class. In the end I decided to attend the 8:30 class instead of the normal 7:30 class because I like the instructor better.  When I got there the normal instructor wasn't there but we had a sub. I had never had a class by this sub before, but if you can imagine Shakira teaching the class, that is what it was like. She actually taught a really good class and would take a class from her again.

Sunday, oh Sunday I had 11 miles to run. The goal was to keep my pace under 13:54 per my plan and to keep it as pain free as possible, following a walk/run plan if my hip started acting up.  I woke up Sunday morning with my hip feeling sore. Instead of heading out right away I decided I should rest and stretch it first and get a few errands done around the house in case I didn't want to walk much afterwards. This also gave it a little time to warm up outside. I finally was able to go out for my around 2:30, I didn't really have a plan of where I was going, but more a rough idea. There were a few paths I wanted to try out and see where they went. At first I started run/walk ratio 10:1, but then I realized every time I started running again my hip hurt, so I just slowed my roll.....yes I could slow it down more and took it easy. When the self doubt started to creep in I would think of my form and count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 - just focusing on taking great steps. I would forget about the doubt and then would be annoyed with myself for counting. 

It was still cold and windy so I was wearing my Nike Dri Fit coat, testing to see if it will work for my half in a couple of weeks and around mile 3 I took it off and cursed myself for wearing it, by mile 4 I had it back on as I was freezing. I think it will work perfect for my half, since it starts earlier then I was running today. As I ran through my town all the roads I wanted to try were shorter then I thought. I eventually started to head back home as it was getting dark. I knew I wasn't going to get my 11 miles in because I was wearing all black and wanted to be home before dark. Running as a Ninja isn't the best for night time running.  I ended today's run at 8.5 miles, which was perfect. I actually felt really good the whole time and know I could have done 11 if I had planned better.

What's up next for me:
Monday -  Spin Class
Tuesday - 3 Miles
Wednesday- Spin Class
Thursday - 6 Miles
Friday -  3 Miles
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 10 Miles

How was your weekend?


  1. I think it sounds like you took good care of yourself on that run, well done.

  2. GREAT JOB! I say it all of the time, but I miss spin class so much! When I decide to get a gym membership again, that'll be the first class that I take :)

  3. You did 8.59...much better than myself.

    I am having some knee issues...and my eating/sugar is killing me...scale went back up a pound today...

    hopefully I can reel it in soon.

  4. SOOO happy to hear that your run ended up feeling good - no pain - that's got to be a relief for you!!! Great job!!!!

  5. Great job...happy to hear you had a good run which felt good!

  6. Great job! What an active weekend!