Thursday, November 10, 2011

Triple T

Is it already time for the Thursday edition of my life. This week as been rough on me but I am taking as it comes.

1. The 2 Half's that I registered for in 2012 are the RnR Seattle and the Lake Sammamish Half.  I picked each race for different reasons. The Seattle RnR sounds like a blast, in the past I said I didn't want to do it for various reasons but I changed my mind. The Lake Sammamish Half was picked as its a flat course on a trail that I have trained on. In fact most of the course I have ran at on time or another. Plus its close to home, the start is about 2 miles from my house.

2. 26 days ago I started a low carb diet. I have been trying to keep it to myself for the most part because usually as soon as you bring it up you get all sorts of rude comments. In reality I am cutting/limiting refined sugars, breads, pasta and fruit. Which is the basis of so many diets out there, yet if you say you are eating low carbs you get weird looks.  I am eating veggies with every meal if I can, usually don't have any with breakfast unless I have time to make a breakfast scramble. I have switched to drinking Passion tea instead of non fat latte's. It can be a challenge as I am not a huge meat eater but I have learned to incorporate lean proteins into my diet at every meal. For the first few weeks I was counting calories along with carbs and I was easily staying within my calorie range.   I plan to stick to this way of eating until I hit my first major goal, then I will follow a plan to slowly add a more carbs back into my life, but for now I am taking it one day at a time.

3.  I have been slacking on my 30 days of thankfulness post - not because I am not thankful, but this week has been a struggle and some days it can be difficult to find the silver lining. Today I am thankful for the Sunshine! Fall in Washington can be rough and I am usually miserable with all of the rain and Seattle gray. But this week....this week has been my silver lining. This is the view from where I have the pleasure of working today.  You can't see it in the photo so well but I can see the Seattle skyline as well as the Olympic Mountains along the peninsula.

How is Thursday treating you? Are you getting ready for the weekend? Any big plans?


  1. Woo hoo, RNR Seattle. It better be a good course!

  2. Nice one on removing refined carbs pasta etc, for the most part I try to do the same but am having an off week and feeling the side effects in a bad way.

    Looks like a great race schedule ... the Rock nRoll races look awesome :-)

  3. Looks like me and the hubs might be doing Capital City Marathon in Olympia, WA instead of RnR Seattle so the parents can come on the cruise with us. Have you done it before or know anything about it?

  4. Great races. The Lake Samm Half is nice & flat, which you already know. I ran it this year w/ 2 other local bloggers. It's quite small, which is nice change from all the craziness of RNR. Just be prepared that you may be alone in some portions! Also, carry water b/c there was only 1 water stop along the trail.

  5. No rude comment here. I'm doing low carb too as you know. This is my 4th week and the first 3 weeks I felt a bit weak because my body had to adjust. This week I'm full of energy. I'm glad I switched to this because I feel so much better.