Thursday, November 3, 2011

Triple T + 2

Time for Three   Five Things Thursday
  1. I won a a Team-Sparkle skirt from the Cupcake Classic hosted by Run with Jess.  It arrived in the mail on Tuesday night.  All I have to say is wow PINK!  I have wanted a Team-Sparkle skirts for a while and want to get one for my St. Pats Dash in March in green. I never would have thought of getting a pink skirt as it really isn't my go to color. But now that I have it, I might just figure out how to wear it for my half. Now to figure out what to wear with it.
  2. While I dislike the back to back workouts of working running Tuesday night and hitting Spin class Wednesday morning it feels great to get them done. I keep telling myself maybe I should just give up my morning Spin class on Wednesday, but it just feels good to get the workout done and relax on Wednesday evening. I wish I could get my bum out of bed for more morning runs so I had my evenings free. Maybe a new years resolution.  Oh well up next for me is and easy 4 mile run, I see a date with my treadmill in my future tonight.
  3. Registration has opened for the Lake Sammamish Half, I found out about this race last year when I was still pretty new to running. I told myself that I wanted to run it if I am still running in 2012.  I ran this trail pretty often, and it is close so that I can train on the actually course. I plan to register on  Monday  - but it is only $45 through the end of the year and then prices go up.
  4. Day 3 of Thankfulness - Today I am thankful my furnace. It has been getting cold in the morning and I am so thankful when it kicks in and warms up our house. A warm house makes it a little easier to get out of bed. :)
  5. Tuesday I took some clothing that is to big to me to  a local Plus Size consigment store. The have used and new clothing. They take your clothing and give you a store credit for 50% of what they plan to sell your items at. With my credit I got a new coat. I am still on the fence on whether or not its a keeper.  Here is a crappy photo from my phone, what do you think?

The winner of the $25 credit is Trinity at Running Mother. Email me at  by the end of day today otherwise I will selecting a new winner tomorrow. 


  1. ROCK that pink skirt girl!
    Coat looks nice!

  2. Yay on the pink sparkle skirt! I had so much fun wearing the pink traveling skirt at a half. People chat you up when you sparkle, and you'll be surprised at how much goes with the pink. And hey, maybe I'll see you at Lake Sammamish. I'm already signed up.

  3. Yay for a pink sparkle skirt! What a fun thing to win. I have a yellow one and I love it! i like the coat!

  4. The coat's a keeper for sure! Looks adorable on you. You always win the coolest stuff too .. you have some good juju out there!

  5. I love that coat! But I think we need to see some better pictures of it.

  6. How morbid am I? My first thought was, "Lake Sammamish. Ted Bundy got some girls there. I should check that race out!" THEN I thought about how I used to go there quite often when I was growing up.

    I like the coat!

  7. Cute coat! I am impressed by your back to back workouts. You go girl!