Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So long November

All they end of the year cliches are coming to mind. How many times have your heard.....I can't believe its the end of November, or is it really almost Christmas.  Or one of my favorites, the older I get the faster time flies by. I don't want to time to fly by. I want to savor each moment and remember how awesome 2011 was to me. As I plan for 2012 it is going to be tough to beat this year, but before I get into that lets take a look at November.

November Goals:
  • Complete the Seattle Amica Half Marathon   - DONE See Recap here
  • Spin Class 2x a week   -  I attended 12 classes in November
  • Lose a few more lbs...lets go for 8lbs. Aggressive I know, but it will help keep me on track  - This was an aggressive and I didn't reach this goal but I still lost.
The numbers:
  • Miles Ran – 69 miles
  • Miles Rode (Spin Class) –  190 miles
  • Pounds lost –  5lbs
December Goals:
  • Spin Class 2x a week
  • Lose a few more lbs...lets go for 6lbs. 
  • Start the push up challenge again, my goal is to do 50 push ups by the end of the month
  • Create a training plan for half #3
Do you make monthly short term goals? Do you have your long term goals planned out also?


  1. It sounds like you did GREAT on your goals from this month. Congrats on the weight loss and your half! Good luck in the month ahead :)

  2. Wow - 5lbs! That's awesome. I like the way you set goals for the month like that...I think maybe I should do the same. Great idea!

  3. Excellent month for you, congratulations on a job super well done!

  4. yes..I would say you did great...

    I need to think about that..setting some December goals sounds like a smart plan!

    (I will let you know :-)

  5. love the goals. I usually don't have monthly goals, but I might give it a try in 2012! we'll see!

  6. Great job this month! Congrats on the weight loss and running the half marathon!

  7. Looks like a great month to me!

    Nice going on all of it and here's to a good December, too!