Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October I will miss you, but not that much

Is it really November? This year is just flying by for me, I feel like it was just April not to long ago. Taking a look back at October I think I had an ok month, even if I had a week without Cardio to heal my ankle and now my hip flaring up.

October Goals
  • Keep up with all of my runs for half marathon training - Missed a couple due to resting, but I am still proud I accomplished both a 10 mile and 11 mile runs outside (ok the 11 was 2 mile run and 9 mile walk, but I did the distance)
  • Run a 10K   - Done ! I also met an awesome lady who lives in my town an runs at my pace.
  • Spin class 2x a week – minimum 8 classes - I made this but just barley, taking a week off of cardio made it difficult to get all 8 classes in.
  • Lose more than 3lbs, I am thinking 5 - Done, see actual number below.
The numbers:
  • Miles Ran – 64
  • Miles Rode (Spin Class) –  105
  • Pounds lost –  11
November Goals:
  •  Complete the Seattle Amica Half Marathon  - I will walk if I have to
  •  Spin Class 2x a week
  •  Lose a few more lbs...lets go for 8lbs. Aggressive I know, but it will help keep me on track.
I am already thinking about my Christmas list and wanted to ask those ladies out there who go to Spin class, do you have bike shoes or do you just wear tennis shoes?  I have been wearing a slim pair of sneakers. Ones I actually bought because they were cute and not to work out in. What do you wear to Spin in?
Since today is November first I am going to start 30 days of Gratitude - Do I am thankful for my health. I have mentioned issues from my past that may plague me from time to time, but overall I am healthy and active and it could have been a lot worse.  What are you grateful for?

Last but not least, the winner of the PlanetGear.com $25 credit is Trinity at Running Mother.  Email me at runnermaybe@hotmail.com with in 48hours. Thanks to all who entered.


  1. I know - this year is FLYING by!!

    Congrats on the great weight loss!! :) That is amazing.

    I hope you have a great November!

  2. Sounds like you had a great month! Keep up that good work!

  3. I wear an older pair of running shoes for spin class.

    Nice month. You have to finish the Amica half. The food (they have TONS of food after!) and the space blanket make it worth it.

  4. Sounds to me like you kicked butt in October, even while hurting.

  5. you had a great october!!! congrats on the weight loss...that is awesome! good luck in the month ahead! sounds like some more great goals :)

  6. Today I am grateful for having an awesome family. My brother borrowed my car last night, and picked me up for work this morning. Instead of barging into my house and waking me up when he showed up, he snuck in and quietly played with my dog until I woke up. Yay.

  7. Nice job on the weight loss! Congrats on a great month!

  8. Congratulations on a great October! That gratitude journal sounds like an awesome idea. It's amazing how small our problems become when we change our focus to those things for which we are grateful.

  9. way to go on the 11 pounds! that's awesome! i did so well losing in september, but october no such luck!! november will be better! :)

  10. How can it be November? Fantastic job on the weightloss! You are in a groove girl!
    No spin shoes here, although I'm the only one in the class without them. Boo.

  11. great job on the weight loss. Keep up with whatever you're doing.

  12. Congratulations on a great month in October! Woohoo on the weight loss!