Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is it Tuesday already

Monday was a wash for me. Usually Monday's are great, I get up early and head to Spin and just start off my week with in amazing first workout. This Monday was not like that at all. Instead I woke up dragging booty because I spent 6 hours sleeping in a twin bed with my daughter.  Rewind a bit, at around midnight Sunday night my daughter woke up coughing, not your normal cough, but the cough that sounds like she has been a smoker for 20 years. You know the barking seal cough. After getting her to calm down a bit I was able to get the coughing to stop and with the right cuddling technique get her back to sleep. Of course this meant that I would be sitting up most of the night. I woke up with my hip feeling terrible and my daughter feeling worse. No workout happened yesterday but I did visit my chiropractor for an adjustment  but today it is not feeling much better.

To put a nail in the coffin of a bad day I got an update from dailymile, they said I had a gnarly workout week last week.

How am I going to top that with such a bad start to my week.  First plan of action is lots of stretching for my hip and probably a few more visits to the chiropractor this week to help loosen it up. Next tonight I have 3 miles planned and I need to attack these and make the best of it. I am thinking an interval workout might be in store to get the most out of my workout. Lastly lots of snuggles and cuddles with my little one to make sure she has another good night sleep tonight so that I can get up and hit Spin Wednesday morning.

How do you overcome a bad start to a week?


  1. Hope you and your sweet girl are feeling much better soon!

  2. Hope you and your daughter are feeling better!
    I think the best way to overcome a unexpected bad start it to not look at it as a bad week but rather take one day at a time.
    I find if I forget yesterday and focus on today it helps.

  3. Aww..I hate it when the week starts like that.
    I just try to remind myself that it can only get better from here. The bad part's over with.
    Hope you and your daughter are feeling well soon!

  4. I think you need to take this week one day at a time. Sometimes workouts get missed and/or shuffled around. Sounds like you've got your priorities straight.

    I hate that barking cough, poor kid.

  5. AGH, I have had a self pitying start to my week - pathetic considering ..... I need to snap out of it.
    Hope you and mini-you feel better soonest xxx

  6. I am still trying to overcome my bad weekend of Halloween candy binging....its been better but slow...I guess that's the same with the work out. Just do some thing slowly and eventually you'll be back spinning and to the norm.


  7. ((Hugs)) to your daughter. Hope you both feel better. Workouts will come back - heel and feel better first.