Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think I need

These socks!  You know the ones that say bacon on them...or even bookworm. I was looking at at the interwebs (ThinkGeek) last night after my 3 mile easy run and this was listed under gifts for him. Now my husband would never wear any of these, but I would. I could get them an put them in my own stocking right? Ohh they they also have ones that say Ninja....yup I need those.

Wednesday morning is the usual, up early and off to Spin class. It will feel good to get my legs moving as they really were heavy last night. As I sit here I know I need to get my bum up and get out of the house this morning.

So yesterday I started looking at duathlons.  I don't think I could do a Tri, as I am a very weak swimmer, but we have a local duathlons that I am actually considering.....put that low on the consideration radar as  I don't actually own a bike, but that is a small detail.

Have you ever done a bike, ride, bike scenario? How was it? Would you recommend it to others?


  1. I saw those socks yesterday and was seriously considering the bacon ones for the Caveman!
    I love that you're considering a du and don't even have a bike. I've had a bike now for 5 freaking years and haven't done one yet. Argh!

  2. Love the socks! Can you get them personalized? I may have to check them out more later...

    I just did my first spin class in over 6 was GREAT!!! I would never think about doing a du but, you go for it...I hear the "ggod" bikes can be pretty spendy though.

  3. Funny how I first looked at the socks and thought, "no, I wouldn't wear those," then you said there are "ninja" ones, and immediately I perked up, haha. I guess I'll wear socks with writing if they say the right thing! ;)

  4. They need a sock that just says "sock." For some reason that would be hilarious to me.

  5. lol the sayings are so random--- bacon? I do love bacon though. they almost look like compression socks- which would be DOWN RIGHT AWESOME!

  6. My oldest just walked by and requested the zombie and ninja socks for Christmas. :)

  7. cute socks! love the bookworm ones!

    i haven't done a duathlon but have done a sprint tri. definitely work on running after biking. your legs will feel like Jello after the bike! :)