Sunday, November 6, 2011

Brrrrrrr its cold out there

This morning when I woke up I was happy for the extra little bit of sleep but was shocked when I stepped outside to go get breakfast, my car went as low as 28 degree's at 8AM.  I procrastinated away the morning, making breakfast and going grocery shopping, by 11:30 it had warmed up to 36 degree's. A person who was in love with running would have thought it was perfect. Sunny and cool  - me on the other hand found an excuse to hit the treadmill.  I went to the gym and then took my daughter swimming post run.

What's up for the rest of the week:
Monday - Spin
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - Spin
Thursday - 6 miles w/ 4 @ 12:22
Friday  - 3 miles
Saturday - Spin or Rest Day
Sunday - 11 Miles

On the injury front, my ankle is still sore at times, my hip is feeling good most of the time. I have been doing some hip stretches I found online every day so I hope those are helping out. 

Did you know that today was World Run Day?

Did you get your run on?


  1. No matter if it was on the treadmill - great job for getting in your run!

  2. Great job with your run. Didn't know it was World Run Day . . . hmmm, the running blogosphere should have celebrated that!

  3. I DID know it was World Run Day, but I didn't want to spend the $17 on a shirt ... I got my run on, even though it was on the treadmill (NO WAY was I leaving the house during a football game. lol)

  4. I'm glad I got in an impromptu run, it being World Run Day and all. Your week of workouts looks a lot like mine. Go get it!

  5. Didn't know it was World Run think today is my day to rest. Too busy to get it in...

  6. So cold! Gorgeous and sunny, but super brisk all weekend. Glad you got that workout in!