Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The battle wounds

After work yesterday I headed to the chiropractor for a much needed adjustment. I am hoping that a few visits to the chiropractor will cure this hip pain. The problem is I need to go more then once a week and often getting there more then once a week is difficult. I am already formulating a plan to get me through December and start prepping my next training plan for half #3 in March.  Once I figure it out I will share it with you all.

Last night I took a look at the ugly side of my half on Sunday. I will spare you the photo's as it is rather gross. I mentioned it rained the entire time meaning my feet were soaking wet. I have  a total of 5 new blisters from the run to add to my 1.5 black toenails per foot....so I guess that would be 3 black toenails. It is strange that on both feet my second toe is completely black and my middle toes are half black.  Of all of the blisters only one is painful and will require some extra healing time, but it does push off my post run pedicure a few days as I am embarrassed by how they look.

What's up for me today? Honestly I am not sure yet, I am thinking I might hit the treadmill up for some easy walking and then do my arm routine and abs. My legs and hips while sore feel better when I get them moving and not sitting around all day.  I am just trying to avoid taking a month off like I did last time after my half. I need to keep moving to keep motivated.

How many days do you usually take to recovery from a half? Do you have a special routine you follow?


  1. I would wait a couple days for the pedicure anyway. I don't care how clean salons say their foot tubs and utensils are, I get nervous about having any open blisters or cuts. You can't be too careful when it comes to your feet! You have to stand on them, after all.

  2. My second toe is longer than my big toe, so I have all kinds of issues. The nails are cut so short! I also body glide the tops of and in between my toes every. single. run. I have had blisters in the weirdest places.

    A couple days off from running are in order, missy! But, some arm weights sound like fun.

  3. Blisters are awful! Hope your feet feel better quickly.
    Just read your recap for the half marathon...awesome job! I am worried about running my marathon on Sunday with some knee pain, so the fact you made it through with your hip pain is very motivating to me. Congratulations on the PR!!

  4. oh my gosh girl...you are making me cringe a bit...ha!

    take er' easy...

  5. I think its totally awesome that you accomplished your goal!!!

  6. Here is a LONG distance cyber hug for you. I've battled blisters - big HUGE painful blisters!!! Earlier this summer I looked back at my blog at the posts where I posted pictures of my blisters - they even shocked me (think I had blocked out the hugeness and multitude of them). HUGS!!! They suck and are such a pain.
    I've never had a black toenail, but it seems extremely unpleasant from other accounts I've read.
    I really hope you can get your hip pain fixed so you can look forward to HM#3 without fear of pain.
    I usually walk 15-20 minutes the day after a half marathon then 48-72 hours afterward I get a massage (always hugely helpful in getting rid of whatever soreness I have lingering). I don't get pedicures, but I definitely think you shouldn't be emabarassed of they way your feet look - GIRL, you earned that!!!!! Flaunt them (that said, from a health teacher's perspective, I might wait to go until your blisters are healed in order to reduce your chance of infection - is that too much of a worry wart?)

  7. Ouch, I'm so sorry! That sounds so painful!