Friday, October 7, 2011

You asked, I anwsered

I loved all of the questions in my Giveaway post. I tried my best to answer them. Feel free to ask more at anytime. I am pretty much an open book. This post will get long, I am warning you.

Jessica  asked - What made you want to run? When did you start running?
I have always hated running. I don’t enjoy it much, I do enjoy crossing the finish line and after my daughter was born in 2007 I decided to give it a try as something I could do with my husband. He is a natural runner, it is easy for him. I am not and is still something that is hard for me mentally and physically.   One of the big things for me is being able to keep up with my daughter as she gets older. I don’t want to be the parent sitting on the sideline, I want to be the parent running along side my child.  I have lost about 75lbs since she was born, but still have at minimum 35lbs more to go. Running makes me sweat and if I can control the hunger it also creates post run I can reach my goals and help to set a good example for my daughter at the same time.

KJ  asked - Do you have a ritual you follow before a run/race? Same meal? A Certain drink? Coffee followed by straight sugar?
My ritual is typically a half PB&J and some water. If I am feeling dehydrated I will put a Nuun tablet in it.  Some days I will also have a banana on the drive to the race; it just depends on how my stomach is feeling. I typically pee at least 4-5x from the time I get up until the race start. I even made a pit stop once in a bush in the middle of a 10K as I just had to go.  I am a huge coffee drinker but rarely drink it before a race again it depends on how my stomach feels the morning of and how much time I have before the race.

Kerry asked - What do you do for your day job? I love finding other working mom's.
Well since I signed a social media contract I can’t really go into details. I do work a 40 hour work week job with the occasional work from home days. Most days I am in the office which thankfully is not far from home.  On a perfect day I get up around 4:30-5AM and get my workout in before I wake up my husband and daughter and we all head out the door at the time. I drop my daughter off at Pre-K and head to work. On days I sleep in I am up at 6AM and still out the door by 7AM. Thankfully we are typically all home by 5PM so we have a nice evening together and I work out after the little one is put to bed.

Suz and Allan asked - What are your running goals for 2012?
I am still trying to figure this out. I have started to fill out my Race Calendar and I am thinking that I might shoot for four half marathons in 2012.  I would like to continue to do at least one race a month it keeps me on my toes and helps me stay motivated for the longer races.  Smaller but still important goals – Run at 10K in 1:15 and a 5K in 35min.

Crystal asked - Do you ever want to do a full marathon?
Nope, nada, uh uh, never…yup I said never.  I just don’t have the desire to run that far. I would rather work on improving my speed on the shorter distances.  After I ran my half in May - I said "this is far enough, I see no need to run more then 13.1 miles."

Me running away from a full marathon

Amy asked - What has been your biggest running accomplishment since you started running? Is it a race? A great day you had in training? The feeling of pushing farther than you thought possible? What is it you're most proud of accomplishing on your running journey?
I still have a hard time feeling accomplished with my running. I would have to say that my biggest accomplishment is that I am still doing it. I haven’t given up. I have started running in the past and then after a few months given up on it. I have run a race each month since February to me that is accomplishment. Sticking to it and improving.  While finishing my first half was pretty awesome just starting towards that goal was a big deal for me.

These were great feelings though

Finishing the last .1 with my daughter on Mother's Day

Haley asked - Will you get Evie started in running? Does she already have an interest in it watching you?
I will let Evie carve her own path. If she chooses running great, if she wants to be a ballerina or a soccer player we will follow see where it takes us. I feel strongly that you should only give your child a nudge in a direction but let them choose what they want to fall in love with. Right now she loves to run. She begs to run a race with me and she already has her own running skirt.  As for an interest in watching me running, ehh not so much, I mean she wants to come to cheer me on but she is only 4 so she gets impatient easily waiting for me to run by.

She does look like a natural runner though!

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  1. What a nice post. I love Q&As.

  2. Nice..I like you, have NO desire to EVER run a full marathon!!

  3. I'm training for my 2nd marathon, and, unless I qualify for Boston or something (ha-ha), I'm already thinking this might be my last one. I ran my first 1/2 on Sunday, and loved it! I could totally get into running just halfs. But, being a working mom - as you are - it is just really hard to find the time for those 18- 20 mile training runs that are required for the full marathon. I guess this was just a really long way to say I applaud your decision to not run a marathon. :)

  4. Haha same here I have no desire to run that far. My biggest goal is the half, or to participate someday in the Hood to Coast relay.

  5. What a fun post, Jen! I really enjoyed reading it!

  6. Thanks for answering all our questions! I really enjoyed this!

  7. love it! that is my exact same reaction when i am asked if i will ever do a full!! :)