Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Update

Lets do this in bullets:

  • Friday spent had a wile evening running 2.5 miles while the husband played video was that exciting. :)
  • Saturday woke up early to head to Spin Class, I got there at 7:15 and got one of the last bikes for the 7:30 class.
  • Later I got cleaned up and went to donate blood, I was able to as my iron levels were high enough this time.
  • Sunday the plan was to run 11 miles, the turned into a 2 mile run and a 9 mile walk. I am completely bummed about this. My left hip has been bothering me for about a week. I went to the chiropractor on Friday and it felt great on Saturday.  I woke up this morning with a little pain but I hoped it would loosen up. 2 miles in I wanted to call it quits. I noticed that if I walked the pain was a lot less. So I pushed through and did the 11 miles out side even if I had to walk to the finish. Back to the chiropractor tomorrow and figure out a new plan of attack.
How was your weekend?


  1. Sorry to hear about your hip! Hope it gets better soon!

  2. that's awesome that you stuck it out and walked for 9 miles! that's some dedication for sure!

    hope the chiro can help! mine works wonders on me!

  3. Bummer about the hip!

    Hubby and I conquered our FIRST half....and you were right...his first words were..."We have to do this again to see if we can improve our time" was so much fun!

    Yes, I was dying for the last 2 miles but, so much fun from the crowd, bands, and others in costume.


  4. AGH, hope you can get that hip issue sorted, well done ono covering the distance though.

  5. Way to get the miles in even though there was pain. I, unfortunately, know what you are going through right now. Hope your hip feels better fast!