Thursday, October 6, 2011


TripleT also known as Three Things Thursday.
  1. Random and useless fact: We have a restaurant in our town called TripleXXX Rootbeer Drive-In, its one that everyone just calls TripleXXX. A name that you do I Internet search that at work and don't have the wrong stuff come up. Last weekend they were having a special during our towns street fair. Pay $10 for parking and get a Free root beer float, we didn't take them up on the offer as we road the $2 shuttle instead. But it reminded me of smoothing I would have done in the past. Parked closer to the event and consumed a root beer along with massive amounts of festival food.
  2. What I didn't tell you about my 10K (1:19:17) on Sunday is that while I didn't PR (1:18:23), I did beat my previous 10K time of 1:24 at the Iron Girl 10K just 3 weeks before. I really think that it had to do with setting a realistic goal. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to hold my goal pace I wanted of 12:30, but I could be under 13:00. I am really proud that I set that goal before the race and just focused on making it through. Talking to someone and having someone to check in with me was great, even if it was just a random person I met on the course.  She was so nice and I realize I need to open up to when running more.
  3. Photo's from Sunday's 10K - yes that train wreck of a mess is me! I got the new skirt but I didn't have a chance to run it pre-10K, so I just tossed it over some capri's. I also had a long sleeve shirt tied around my waist because I was being a wimp at the beginning and I was cold. I should know better because after a mile I took it off.  I would have tossed it but I didn't want to litter it being a smaller race and all.  Clearly this outfit wasn't working for me, but you know what I was comfortable  and nothing really bothered me along the race so that is a bonus.

Have you had any race outfit mishaps? When you look back and go what was I thinking?


  1. What?! I think you look cute in your outfit! I like the lavendar color... I have nothing in that color. Damn, now you're gonna make me go shopping...

  2. I think you look awesome in that outfit!

  3. I agree! That's a great racing outfit!

  4. I think comfort is the most important thing (and buying a toss away jacket at Goodwill before a race another!)

    Every time I see that skirt on you, I want to get mine out, we are so cute!

  5. That outfit looks great! I am going to start doing the goodwill toss away jacket thing at my next 10k+. Great idea there. My best idea so far for avoiding the cold is to wear Babylegs on my arms. Obviously this might only work if you have kids, but I can roll them down when I get hot/turn into a nuclear reactor when I run, but they keep my arms toasty when it's chilly in the beginning.

  6. Umm...purple is my favorite color and i love the outfit!! In fact, it gives me ideas for my next race in December :)

  7. OK..I don't think it looks that bad....I take it your favorite color is purple?

    I hate running skirts...or at least the ones I have tried...I have the kind of thighs that "God love them" rub together and no matter what those little shorts under skirts rise up and bother me all along my run. (it really sucks)

    So...I need to invest in a skirt with longer (knee length)leggings I guess...some day!


  8. You don't look horrible, silly! Just prepared!

    My last race my shirt was so big on me, it looks like I'm a kid wearing my mom's shirt or something. Comfort is way more important anyway - although I have sacrificed just to get a good photo.