Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thank goodness I had a pedicure

This morning I headed to spin class. I didn't wear my new skirt as it was pouring down rain and it was cold outside. Either way I think this instructor was trying to kill us. Today she had us do here version of a ladder ride, but recovery was pushed at a lower speed but still road resistance. My legs are feeling it tonight.

On to the title of this post. They opened a RoadRunner Sports in our area. I talked my husband into stopping by it today. While I was there I was fitted for insoles. I was so thankful for the pedicure as my feet were groped by the insole shaping person. I cannot wait to give them a try tomorrow.

While we were there we entered in a drawing for some free giveaways. The had lots of great items they were giving away and I was lucky enough to win $50 worth of PowerBar products. Looks like I have enough fuel to get me through this training cycle.

How is your weekend going?


  1. Awesome win! That's a lot of stuff! I'm the kind of person that cute my toenails and scrubs my feet even BEFORE a pedicure so they don't have to see how ugly they are, ha!

  2. I love Power Bar products. Great win!

    This weekend I feel like I'm floundering. Maybe it's after so many months of a marathon training schedule to just running. I'm not sure what to do with myself. No focus. KWIM?

    Have a great day!

  3. not that good...

    time to buckle down til next Saturday the day of the Big Monster Dash half marathon!

  4. Congrats on winning all the Powerbar stuff! Hope you guys enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

  5. yay! winning stuff is the best!

  6. Nice win! I really need to head to our local running store and get myself some new running shoes. I've been buying my shoes on my own so far, but now that I'm running more I think it's time to get serious about my shoes (maybe that will help with the sore knees).