Sunday, October 2, 2011

Salmon Days 10K

This morning I has scheduled to run the Salmon Days 10K, but yesterday I rolled my ankle again. Last night I debated not running the run. My husband said maybe I should just run on the treadmill then I could stop if I needed to. I considered it, even when my alarm went off this morning I considered it. I got dressed and got ready to leave and then I sat down and thought what am I doing, I should rest my ankle. The cheapskate in me screamed - but you already payed. Maybe I can just down grade to the 5K.

After picking up my packet and taking my items back to my car I decided that I was just going to run the 10K at a slow and steady pace. Keeping my miles right under 13:00 minute miles. I figured if I keep it nice and even then it would be less pain on my ankle.  This is how the miles read out on my garmin.

Mile1 - 11:50
Mile2- 12:39
Mile3- 12:54
Mile4- 13:14
Mile5 - 12:33
Mile6 - 12:53
and .2 - 3:24

Mile 4 had a slight incline and that definitely slowed us down but I was able to push through. I say us as about mile one I met a women named Lori and we ran the rest of the race together. She is training for her first half in December and this was her first 10K. It was nice to have a running partner who was my speed, but who at the same time running was a struggle, but worth the fight.  My official time was 1:19:17 just one minute shy of a PR, but there will be more races and more chances to get a PR. Two days of walking at the festival and running a 10K today has really left me feeling exhausted.

How was your weekend?


  1. Hope you feel better! You should be so proud for doing the race anyway. Most people would have just sat this one out.

  2. congrats for pushing through!! wish we lived closer, we are right at each others' pace!

  3. Not sure whether to say good job or "bad girl". You have to take care of your body first, it's the only one you have. There will be bigger and more important races that you'll want to run and you don't dare wreck your body over less important races and training runs. That said, which I'm sure you already know, GREAT JOB. Your injured ankle still leaves you with a PR faster than mine by several minutes - You're just awesome!!! Great job!! Now, rest and take care of yourself. Hope you iced it after the race!!!!

  4. You are stronger than you think you are! Love the purple skirt!

  5. Hope your ankle is ok after that. Well done :-)

  6. Great job! I had similar feelings for my long run this past weekend. I think whenever you're debating back and forth you go for it. And if it ends up that you have to stop, so be it, but at least you tried. Love the cute running skirt!

  7. That's great of you that you did that 10K despite the ankle. I wouldn't have gone but that's me.
    Please take care of your ankle, what Wells L says makes a lot of sense.