Sunday, October 16, 2011

Playing catch up

Friday I got my 2 mile run in, well actually 2.5 and followed that by some arm work. Saturday I got up and headed to Spin Class, I was actually going to stay for two classes but the second class had a sub and the sub was the lady that does all of the quotes. So yea I skipped that class - one spin class was enough to make my legs feel like jello anyways.

A friend shared a low carb pancake recipe with me and I really wanted to try it out. So this morning I got up and picked up the ingredients. This recipe was simple and just a few ingredients just the way I like things.

1 (8 oz) block of cream cheese
5 eggs
1 T Splenda
1 t Vanilla Extract
Vegetable oil for frying (I used spray oil)

Equipment needed:
Egg Forms

This is really easy - microwave the cream cheese to soften it about 1 minute, add the Splenda and vanilla extra and mix. Then add each egg and mix one at a time.

Next  heat up your pan, spray or oil your egg forms and get to cooking. I used a quarter cup  measuring cup to portion out the batter. The batter will be thinner then normal pancakes.  I only have two forms, one is  a Christmas Tree and the other a Star. The Star worked better for these.

The original recipe says it makes 12 pancakes, I was able to make 10. If I had round forms I am sure I could make 12.  I served them up with a little sugar free syrup. They were delish but tasted more like eggy french toast then pancakes. Next time I think I will add more vanilla and Cinnamon.
I have some leftovers for tomorrow's breakfast and I think they will reheat nicely. I think they would be especially good with a little jam.

This morning we have family photo's scheduled so I postponed my 10 miler until later in the day. I didn't want too,  but I also wanted to be able to walk when get our family photo's taken and also not look like death from getting up so early to make it happen before we have to go.  I am determined and it will happen today.

Have you found a recipe in blog land that you tried and loved? If so please link it in the comments I am always looking for good recipes that are easy to follow.


  1. These sounds great! I've never used those forms to make pancakes, but it would make them so festive, I love that!

  2. strawberry muffins by Lucy @ Porridge & Parsnips

  3. cute pancakes!! those are so neat!

  4. The pancakes look delicious. I never use recipes from blogs. You use other measures than we do and I don't want to spend much time on recalculating what I need plus some things we can't buy here. But I do love watching food pics of recipes.