Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello October

There was only one item on my list for September goals that did not get done.  That was ‘Run my hill - I am running out of time as the first day of fall is 9/23.’ Ehhh….it’s a hill, its right outside my house I have plenty of time to tackle it.

Here are some of the times that I am proud of for September:
The numbers:
  • Miles Ran – 48
  • Miles Rode (Spin Class) – 195 – WOW! I went to Spin Class 10 times in September!
  • Pounds lost – 3.1 – not the best but I will take it.

October Goals
  • Keep up with all of my runs for half marathon training
  • Run a 10K – well that is easy its tomorrow
  • Spin class 2x a week – minimum 8 classes
  • Lose more than 3lbs, I am thinking 5
What does October look like for you? Do you have any fun races planned? I found this one that was Zombies and Humans 5K. The Human's start 2 minutes before the Zombies with a tail on them. Then the Zombies are released and collect as many tails as they can! Seriously sounds like fun, but I would have to be a human and well I am sure I would be a zombie seconds after the zombies were released since I am a slow runner.

Only 4 more days left to enter my giveaway Active Band Giveaway - Here ends 10/4.


  1. Congrats on a pretty good September - err, minus the ankle injury!

    I LOVE the zombie and human race - how much fun does that sound?

    Good luck in October - hope it's a good one!!!!

  2. Nice job last month! We watched BL on the DVR and I told my daughter about your workout. We kept laughing when something would happen that we knew caused you to work harder. What a fun idea.

  3. That reads like great months achievements, besides ... that hill ain't going nowhere ;-)

    Here's to a fantastic October.

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome month!

  5. I know...I know...that give away is killing me....I can't wait for the 4th! ;-)

    Way to go on all your goals too...

  6. i am doing a 200 mile relay next week and then am helping my brother in law the weekend after to put on a race!! busy busy!!