Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cupcake Classic and more

Last night I participated in  Cupcake Classic  I did it on my treadmill. It was a really good run and made up for my crappy run on Sunday. I started out slow and increased the speed with each mile actually ending at a 5.5 mph which is just under an 11 mile pace.
Pre run  - Getting a little crazy  

Do you see my bib number? I thought it was pretty great since we were running 3.7 miles in honor of Jess 37th birthday, who by the way does not look anywhere near 37.

And now for the MORE part. Last night at 8:45PM - I pulled the trigger and signed up for:

My husband reminded me that earlier this year before my first half that I said I never wanted to run a Rock'n'Roll. I am sure I said that because it was pricey at the time, which was the reason I picked the Kirkland Marathon the first time out it was only $35.  He say's I said  "I don't even like Rock'n'Roll, who would want to do that - it's stupid". Yet here I am with the bug to run it.

Share a race that you have already completed that you would love to do again? Or share one of your dream races?


  1. Aw, thank you! How exciting on Seattle!! I am seriously debating coming to the West Coast for that one, but just couldn't commit last night...

  2. You do have a lucky bib number...

    I've never done a RNR race either, but will have completed Portland one month before Seattle, so I'll be able to show you the ropes, haha.

    So glad you signed up. It's going to be fun.

  3. I had that exact SAME conversation about the rnr series - and bam, now I'm doing 2 of them in 3 months (crazy I know). You'll love it. I personally don't like music but the race is just fabulously well organized and totally fun. You'll have a blast!!!! Good luck!

    Love your bib number for jess' bday!

    Ohh to answer your question - I loved the medal at the St. Pete Women's Half. I really enjoyed the course for the Columbus Half. We're doing Big Sur in November - that should be pretty amazing.

  4. yay!!! the cupcake race was so awesome! and i for some reason feel the need to run Seattle. no reason. it just sounds so fun. haha! dream race would be one of the international marathons!

  5. I am totally the opposite - when I was at my first ever expo I talked to the RnR people. I wanted to do it so bad but at that time I hadn't even considered a half marathon. By the time we all run the Seattle RnR next year it will be my FOURTH one -- and my second time doing Seattle. This is big - because I don't really repeat races. So Seattle must have been good the first time if I was willing to do it again! I'm so glad you gave in and registered!!

    I think you deserve a cupcake now, in honor of your race!