Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bacon makes me happy

Were you one of the 2500+ plus people who ordered compression socks from the deal on Schwaggle yesterday? I was, in fact I ordered 2 pairs. Both in black, yes I know I am plain like that, but when you have bigger calf's the design gets all stretched out. I really wanted the Argyle, but I figure it would look crazy like the heart on my RunLove compression socks. Either way 2 pairs for the price of one is my kind of deal. 

Last night I did my easy 3 miler while watching the biggest loser. I actually picked up the pace a little and tried 15 second intervals at 7mph, heck if the 300+ lb guy on BL could do it for 15 seconds, I could also, right? I know he went up to 9.5mph, but I was not ready to test that out, maybe next time.  With fall setting in I need to start wearing longer sleeve shirts instead of tank tops when I run, today I tried to wear my short sleeve shirt from the IronGirl race and that lasted about a mile before I took it off. I just hate things on my arms, I need to get over this as its getting cold out and I know it is going to be cold during my half.  This one kept riding up so its out. This morning was supposed to be spin class, I was dressed and ready to but instead went back to bed. Rest day for me.

Random find - I found this gem when pinning away on Pinterest and I thought it was super funny! Whatever truth might actually be there  - doesn't really matter to me. Bacon has always good for my healthy as it makes me happy!  And if something makes you happy its supposed to be good right. Of course there is a fine line, Vodka could make me happy but large amounts, not so good for my health.

What's your take do you enjoy a nice side of bacon with your breakfast if you have the chance?

Any suggestions on long sleeve tops?

Did you order any compression socks yesterday?

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  1. I love that you work out with the BL contestants :) A few years ago (before I ran) I remember eating a piece of cream pie while watching the BL - hmmmm, that was a BIG wake up call for me!

    Bacon is delicious - yes, I eat it. Think that what you found is hilarious.

    Long sleeves - hmmm, I rather enjoy long sleeves instead of short sleeves - no body glide needed -ha! Have you tried the thumb hole shirts? Or maybe you would prefer one without a cuff at the wrist or maybe one with a cuff at the wrist. Good luck - can't wait to see what you settle on.

  2. Hell yes to compression yesterday--although I got argyle and now I'm worried cuz I too have ginormous calves.
    Yes to bacon as well. I get the nitrate free kind so it's all good.

  3. I bought the deal! in hot pink :)

  4. I wouldn't say Bacon does it for me in a big way. But I don't dislike it either. For instance the Western BACON Cheeseburger from Carl's happens to be one of my favorites. Funny you mention long sleeves, I wrote about that yesterday (

    I'm still debating on the socks though. It's a good deal. But I've spent SO much money lately on "gear". It could make be broke. Darn it.

  5. yummmmy bacon! love it! definitely had to jump on the compression sock deal...last thing i needed was more but i am kinda obsessed and couldnt pass up a good deal :) i ordered the argyle and didnt consider that they would stretch out...eeek. but its cool. im down with it! haha!

  6. I did not order compression socks...guess I missed out...

    I HATE BACON!! I don't understand why people like it....its just not good to me. ;-)

  7. I looooooooooooooooove bacon.

    I have a pair of compression socks that I never wear. Whoops.

    When I was watching BL last night I was hoping the sprints on the treadmill would inspire people to run faster sprints at home.

    I'm glad to see it worked!!

  8. I love bacon so any indication its good for you - I'm in ;-)

    What about those arm sleeve things??? then you can just push them down to your wrists if you get too hot.

  9. I totally almost bought the compression socks. I mean I looked at it about 3 times before talking myself out of it. I have Zensah compression capris and leg sleeves - but neither of them actually compress. And I'm so happy with my RunningSkirts ones that I decided to pass .... my hearts look all funny, too!

    I'm a vegetarian, no bacon for me. I did buy fake bacon bits a couple weeks ago though.

    My favorite is long sleeves, and then if I am cold I like to add my arm sleeves. But if I can find a nice fitting shirt I don't mind the long sleeves all that much. I just know that I HAVE to try it on first. No more online shirt shopping for me!

  10. i somehow missed the memo on the compression socks! :*( maybe next time!! i love me some bacon!

  11. Haha, I ordered two pairs of compression socks too. One for me and one for my husband (trying to be thoughtful)! I went crazy and got pink for me.

  12. Oh yea, I bought those compression socks. What a fabulous deal.

    Yum - bacon. I even love the way my house smells after cooking it.

  13. Didn't buy compression socks, I don't use them. To be honest I have doubts if they really work for me.

    I don't wear longsleeve tops, always a jacket with a shirt, so no help here.

    I love bacon and am glad that I can eat it more now I'm low carb eating.