Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Word, word, word, word is the bird

For Tuesday the plan called for 4 miles at 14:10, I woke up early an realized that if I ran before work I wouldn't have to ice my ankle after the run so I hit snooze and went back to sleep. :)  After work my ankle was aching after two ice sessions and some ibuprofen I decided to go to the gym and do the elliptical. The brace I have is not fitting me right, it hurts my arch withing 5 minutes of working out. I ended up taking it off to finish up my workout.  Last night I ordered Ankle Compression Sleeve's from Tommie Cooper. I have read such good reviews and look forward to giving them a try.

This morning I got out of bed and went to Spin class I wore my Achilles brace instead of the ankle brace. This felt so much better on my entire foot. I also wore the same clothing I wore to the gym the night I was extra smelly.  The class was great it seems that the 5:30AM class is increasing in size today we had 10 number of peps in class.  When I first started going there was only 3 or maybe 4 on a weekday morning.  After class I rushed home showered and off to work. It is really hard to cool down and get changed and ready in 30 minutes, I think I continue to sweat for the next 2 hours.

What I am listening to Wednesday, is that what I called it last week? This week my drives to work have been consumed with Adele. Oh how I love Adele.

Do you get hung up on one Artist and just put there album on repeat or do you like switch it up?


  1. I get hung up on one artist, or one SONG, definitely. I've had times where I would listen to the same 1-5 songs on repeat for DAYS. It would drive my roommates crazy in college. It happens less, not, but I'm definitely on a Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack kick. I play it whenever I beat my husband home. It's great cleaning music.

  2. I get hung on one song and listen to it OVER and OVER again until I sometimes burn myself out!

  3. I have recently fell in love with Adele! Hope that foot is much better soon!!!