Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two events one weekend

This weekend  I feel like I have been on my feet no stop.  Saturday was I was part of Team Amazing Joe - Seattle Brain Cancer Walk. We walked in honor of Sean's Uncle Joe. This year the walk was bigger then ever! There was an insane amount of people in a very small area. I think they really need to go with a full 5K walk and work with an organizer to make it happen. The have a good event, but it has the potential to be a great event.  A few photo's from our walk.
Me, Evie and Sean

Me pre- walk! It was a beautiful day out.

Evie ready for her walk. Her shirt was a little big, but she rocked it.

On our second mile Evie took the easy road. A lift from Daddy.

After the walk I headed up to Bellingham to have a grown up sleep over at my friends house. This morning we woke up early and went with my friend to her first 5K. Her goal was to just run the entire thing. Some how this run was uphill both ways. How the heck does that this is not a grandparent was a slow gradual climb out and then a different road back that was a climb.  The second half of the run was on a gravel trail that was not nice on my ankle, but I pushed through and made it to the end. My friend did awesome on her first 5K and even left me in the dust the last 1/2 mile.

Me, early this morning! Before the sun was up...I miss summer runs already.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. You look pretty excited for being so early and chilly in the morning! I LOVE the photos of you and your family at the walk - too cute!!! Great job - now rest that ankle!!!

  2. Nice weekend! Love the shiny hat in your picture...I've got one of those too!

  3. I've definitely had races that felt uphill both ways, along with bike rides where the wind was in my face both ways. Not fun.

  4. Hills both ways is just pure EVIL if you ask me. Well done though :-)

  5. What a great active weekend. I love the 5K walk because you were able to do that with your family.

  6. You have a beautiful family! And, I love events that you can do together. Sounds like an awesome weekend.

  7. Yay for another 5K! I can't get over how PRETTY Evie is! So cute.