Monday, September 19, 2011

Three things Monday

This morning I got my booty to Spin class to test out my ankle. It handled the class ok, but I think I had the brace to tight as it hurt other parts of my foot. I will have to work out the kinks in that. Overall I think it is on the mend and I hope to be able to start training again this week.

I have fallen in love with a new product. A while back I won a Facebook Contest for Active Bands, since then I received them that is all I wear when I workout. The stay in place and don't make my head funny! I even rocked on this weekend when we went to the movies. If you are friends with them on Facebook they are always offering some sort of discount code also.  In my past few race photo's I have been wearing one, but for the cuteness factor here is my little booger wearing my favorite one. If you have a favorite headband let me know, I am always looking for more.

Lastly and most importantly this weekend we will be participating in the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk. We are walking under Team Amazing Joe in honor of my husband's Uncle Joe who lost his battle with Brain Cancer. If you can take a moment and donate even a $1 that would be awesome. I just learned today that the Seattle Brain Cancer walk has a anonymous matching donation of $500,000. I received a call this morning from the foundation asking us to reach out for more donations because right now they have raised $266,000 and are working on reaching $500,000 so they can take full advantage of the matching gift. 

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  1. A US blogger friend of mine bought 2 bondi bands for me last year as a gift and I love them.

    Great that you both will be walking for such a good cause. I always donate for cancer but always in my own country. Good luck for Saturday.