Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So this is how it went

It was awesome.....seriously the mileage I had to do on the treadmill just flew by.  Tuesday's plan called for -easy Run 3 miles @ 14:07. Here was my plan to rev up my easy run a little as my legs felt great and my ankle was pain free all day.

5 minute warm up at 14:07 easy pace.
2 minutes at base pace 12:45

Begin watching the show with the below intervals in mind.  Each interval will be done in 30 second - 1 minute intervals depending on how long I can hold it and then I will return to the base pace.  If two or more items happen in a row I will work through them and move back to the base pace and wait for the next interval. 
  • Fake Commercials - up speed by .5mph
  • One of the men cry - up speed up by 1mph
  • If they are on the treadmill - match the workout if shown or stated by the trainer
  • Vomit - all out sprint as fast as I can
  • Commercial - up incline 4%
  • Bob swears like at Joelle, remember Joelle well just in case here is a clip - Incline to 10% and run at whatever speed you can.

Lets get down to business. I made post-it notes with all my intervals and moved which ever one was in place in front of me.

My favorite one was "Bob Freaks Out", on all of the other cards I wrote motivational statements, but I figure for the Bob Freak Out - Put the incline to 10% and go! Was good enough.

After each interval I marked that card with a number, I wanted to see how many times I completed each post it.  I was a little bummed that there was no vomit, and a little irritated that there were 3 scenes of men crying. I wanted to scream come on guys suck it up.

I ran 3.5 miles in 45 minute, which was perfect because I completed my run before all of the contestants went to go see the doctor and the cry fest really started. Muahahahahah! Was that my evil plan all along, actually I was getting bored at first as it took 16 minutes into my run before anything actually happened. But then the men started to cry, Bob started yelling, they went to commercial and came back to the guy falling off the Spin bike and crying.  I will do this type of run again - it was fun.

For my run I sported my Silver Sparkly Active Band,
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  1. that is hilarious! Must have been a great workout as many men cried last night.

  2. Good idea...I too was running while watching...nice and EZ...(although I must admit I haven't watched the BL in YEARS but it was kind of fun while running )

    Where is Jillian?

    I didn't think Anna was too motivating...

  3. @KJ - Jillian left to start a family (adopt) and I think take other jobs...like being on The Drs. Anna needs to step it up and yell a little!

  4. Hilarious! Way to be creative in your workout. LOVE the post it note sayings!!! Great job girl!

  5. This is hilarious! And I LOVE it! :)

  6. love it!! i wish my we had a dvr in the room that the treadmill is in! i would so do this!

  7. What a fun way to get your sweat on! Very creative!

  8. AWESOME idea! I wish we had a treadmill!