Friday, September 9, 2011

Schweddy What?

Totally not fitness related, but heck we all have to branch out sometimes. I guess I could circle this thought back to fitness.

Did you hear?

Ben and Jerry's came out with a limited edition ice cream.

Whats the name you ask?

Well according to their website:

Schweddy Balls

Queue.....inappropriate jokes.  Now you ask how does this circle back to exercise, well if you are a man reading this - eeh I am sure you have had this issue from working out. If you are women - lets just say stay away from this Ben and Jerry's as I am not sure the conversation about how you have to work off your ice cream....Schweddy Balls is a conversation you want to have. Well unless you are Rose and talking to her trainer.
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This weekend I have the Iron Girl 10K in Seattle. The weather is supposed to be amazing and I am looking forward to it. Anyone else racing this weekend?

 Hope everyone has a great Friday don't forget to Blog Hop!


  1. No race this weekend but an 11 mile run on Sunday... I am actually looking forward to it.

    Um. I think I have smelled that ice cream already. Oh no, that was something else I am thinking of. I'm not sure what it was...

    YUCK. That is the farthest thing from my mind when I think of a nice bowl/pint/carton of ice cream.

  2. Good luck in the Iron Girl.

    Ummmm - I'm gonna pass on that ice cream.

  3. Probably not racing as I have a half next weekend that I want to SMASH and then a 5k the weekend after, but I could i still have not talked myself out of it entirely. I love racing :)

    Good luck with your run!

  4. Fortunately for me I'm not an ice cream fan. WIth a name like that I feel like I'm not missing much :)

    Good luck with the Iron Girl. You're going to do great! A long run today but no races this weekend for me. My next race is the Air Force Half next weekend! Can't wait!

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    Have a great weekend!

  5. I don't eat much icecream, don't really like it so won't be tempted by this flavour.

    Good luck on the 10K this weekend. I'm not sure if I will run this weekend, getting sick it seems.

  6. I love ice cream..way too much unfortunately...but that flavor doesn't even sound good to me.

    Good Luck today...

  7. hope your race was awesome! :)

  8. i saw that flavor....might have to get that for the hubs!

  9. hahahahaha. My trainer and I do have the most messed up conversations in public.

    One of my friends was telling me he was trying to find scheweddy balls ice cream, and apparently it's really awkward to ask grocery store employees about it. hahahha.