Wednesday, September 7, 2011

RLAM the Tour - coming to Seattle

Local Runners - Did you know that RLAM is coming to Seattle? I didn't until I saw a post on facebook. Ahhh...what would we do without social media. With a little more digging I found all of the info.

RLAM the Tour  - Sunday, September 18 5-8PM  Seattle, WA
SBS and Dimity will be at West Seattle Runner together for a 3-mile fun run and meet-and-mingle. Come run (or walk—all speeds welcome!) with Dimity and Sarah, then mingle with them and other mother runners. Giveaways; light snacks and refreshments; books, tees, and Sweaty Bands for sale.

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  1. Super bummed! Same day as my race. There's no way I'm going to be able to leave right at T Junior's bedtime for this. Bummer.