Thursday, September 1, 2011

New month fresh start

Does it feel like this month is just flying by to anyone else. I swear it was just March the other day, or maybe I am confused by the already dropping temps. I am not ready for Fall, I am not ready for Fall!  Either way lets take a look at my August goals and accomplishments:

Goals for August:
- 2 kick boxing class a week  - Not sure how many I took, but not as many as I would like before my coupon expired.
- Go hiking with the kiddo 1x - done found a nice little trail by our house
- Attend 2 Spin Classes - done attended 4 classes
- Run my hill 4x this month  - ehh not so much
- Run 11 miles a week in any combination of runs - didn't hit all of my mileage
- Evaluate my level at the end of the month and maybe register for a half in September - decided to pass as my schedule just won't allow it and I don't feel like I would be ready.
- Lose a few lbs - lost a few and gained a few
- Run a 10K   -  complete

Overall I am happy with the month of August, but I know I can do better in September, so here are my goals for September:

- Attend 4 Spin Classes
- Run my hill - I am running out of time as the first day of fall is 9/23.
- Start official half marathon training
Iron Girl 10K
- Seattle Brain Cancer Walk
- Bellingham Bay 5K

That is it - I am keeping it simple and just going to get it done!


  1. This summer has just flown by. I can't believe it is already September!

    Have a great month :)

  2. Simple is good!

    Fall crept up on me, too, but I am ready for it. This summer was WAY too hot (still is).

  3. Gosh this whole year is flying by! Here's to a productive September.

  4. Great job in August - here's to a a even better September (and maybe a bit of cooler weather).