Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guess what I did?

I signed up to be a Runny Buddy for Girls on the Run. I have looked at their organization several times. I have been highly impressed with it but never thought of signing up. Then yesterday I got a post on Facebook that from Free Julie who said she thought of me when she saw an article about it.  I replied "Thanks! I have looked into this in the past! I will have to see if it will work for this run" and 20 minutes later I was signed up to be a Runny Buddy!  

What did I commit to - one practice 5K run in November and then the event run in December. Now I wait to see what school I am assigned to.  My heart is still pounding, why am I so nervous? I know that I can encourage and motivate someone else...right?  I do it online all the time, but motivating someone in person is so different. I am sure I will make a fool out of myself but heck that is my charm. Maybe I need to brush up on my knock, knock jokes in case I run out of things to talk about.
If any other women bloggers in my area want to sign up check out this link HERE. There many are school options to pick from also many different levels of fitness, you get to select your mile time for better placement with girl.


  1. Never heard of such a thing but think it is AWESOME!!!! You will be a FABULOUS Runny Buddy!!! I have no doubt you are even cooler and more motivational in person. The kids will be SO lucky to get to run with you!!!! I cannot wait to hear all about it!!!!!

  2. Sounds like an amazing organization! Have fun, you'll do great! :)

  3. That is a great! You will totally inspire some one and you will probably be inspired in many ways by your buddy too.

    It's a win~win!

  4. This is very cool and I'm proud of you for signing up. It's so sweet of you to become a running buddy. Have fun at it.

  5. Sounds like a great program...You will be an awesome running buddy! :)