Friday, September 2, 2011

Eggs in a boat

The plan for Friday was Easy Run - 2 Mi @ 14:17, I got to they gym at 5:30AM and had just enough time to bust out the 2 miles before heading up to Spin Class. I am not a fan of this instructor, but it she gets the job done. Her "thing" is to read some sort of inspirational quote with each song. I get she is try to engage the class, but it was 6AM class you are lucky we even made it. :)

Egg in a Boat RecipeFor breakfast  I made on of my favorites....eggs in a boat as I like to call them. I have heard them also referred to as egg nests.  In case you have never had them see the picture. They are super easy and fun. All you need is an egg and  piece of toast, make a hole in the bread and crack the egg in side. Cook egg to desired done-ness (thats a word right) and enjoy!  Something about it is so satisfying. I find its a perfect balance of carbs and protein for the morning.

Today I am going to attempt to go donate blood again. The past few times I have been borderline anermic and I wasn't allowed to. I hope that today goes better. I always feel bad when they call and ask me to come in and I can't. They called me this week and said that the East Coast is requesting blood from other states and since I am O- if I could please come in. Wish me luck.

Day 2 -  Photo Challenge - What you wore today. My running shoes - always double knotted

On the docket this weekend (since Rose overused this word it has constantly be pooping in my head) 8 miles. I am a little freaked out by it. I am going to do a bike/running trail that I have been wanting to do since I started running. It was on of my I must run this trail at some point in my life trails. I looked it up on line and it says it is an 8 mile trail - so it is meant to be.  I hope it goes as good as I have planned in my head. My goal the next two days is proper fueling as I know my body will need it.

What is on your docket this weekend? (look twice in one blog)!  Don't forget to join in on Fitness Friday Blog Hop.
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  1. Girl, you can do 8 miles! Bring some water, take your time and finish the distance...

    Oh, and if one of our spin instructors read a quote BEFORE EACH SONG...she would be laughed out of class. Seriously.

  2. @ Kim - I know right...the quote thing is getting to me and I have only taken 2 classes with her. I am thinkin maybe switching to a Monday class with a different teacher.

  3. Funny, I had one of those must runs too and it was a 10k trail around a lake. Did it early in August... now I have another - it is 9 miles and I am planning to do it this month... a little afraid of the distance though!

    Good luck to you. I hope you will post about it afterwards... and hey, that idea with the egg looks good... going to try that this weekend. Thanks!

    Coming from the Fitness Friday Blog Hop.

  4. You can do it! Just take it slow, and you'll do great! :)

  5. Quotes at 6 a.m. - ummm, that would be beyond annoying - you're a strong woman for A.) going to the clas and B.) NOT telling her off - I'm not the most friendly or patient person at 6:00 a.m. - my "niceness" filter doesn't work very well so early in the morning.

    Egg Boat - love it - I've heard of it, but never known exactly how to do it. Thanks for sharing.

    I love trails - I think it will motivate you tremendously to have a change of scenery. Take plenty of water and enjoy the sights (maybe take a photo or two . .. you know for the blog and all :)

  6. We call those "egg in a basket". And now I want one.


  7. funny about the quote thing that is so random!

    you will do awesome!

  8. Oh a trail run sounds so nice! It is good to change it up and have some scenery along the way! 8 miles will just fly by!

    I love your egg in a boat. Although I like my eggs done very hard. Can you flip the boat?

  9. First, cool shot for the photo challenge. I think I might join :)

    Second, my weekend is to enjoy the extra day off, run 10 on Sat, Sun P90X strength training and Mon 20 miles.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I call them eggs in a basket and I make them all the time. If you are feeling indulgent, sprinkle some shredded cheese on top!

    Good luck on your run! I have an 8 mile race tomorrow - my plans for this weekend!

  11. yum..the egg looks great! :) Great job with your goals!