Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Check, check, check

Just checking things off my weekly list here is where I am at:
Monday - Spin   check
Tuesday - 2 Mi @14:13, arms weights, abs and leg works  check
Wednesday - Spin check
Thursday - 5 mi, 3 miles @ 12:35
Friday - 2 Mi @14:13, arms weights, abs and leg work
Saturday - Rest (maybe Spin depending on how I feel)
Sunday - 8 Miles @14:13 (outside)

My spin class this morning kicked my butt! I seriously considered taking the elevator at work, instead I counted the steps to my floor. I am on the 3rd floor and each flight has 28 steps, long stairways. It feels so good to get things crossed off the list. Even if I am already dreading tomorrows run. Not because of the run itself but because of the time I have to wake up in the morning. As I have mentioned before I am watch Nip/Tuck as I run, and well sometimes it is a bit over the top for a 4:45AM run. I am almost done with all the seasons on Netflix, so I need suggestions for other series to watch while I run.

And now for a What I am listening to Wednesday, yea this won't be a regular feature. Last week it was the Sneaker Pimps. This week I have been a bit addicted to Kid Cudi, well maybe not just this week but I I have listened to him ever day this week on the way to work and the way home.

Happy Wednesday.  Photo of the day will be added later or maybe tomorrow.


  1. Oh yes we watch Psych! Love that show. :)

  2. I love the beginning of this post. . . "just checking things off . . . " (and kicking ass in the process!!!) You're having a heck of a week.

    I love Psych too :)

  3. You're going great so far this week with your workouts.

    I watch a lot of TV shows but don't know what you like.