Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BL based run

So I started this post yesterday and didn't get very far. Truth I only copied my plan in and I couldn't think of anything else to write about.   Yesterday I pulled my booty out of bed for Spin Class, I actually was going to sleep in but I was already awake so I figured I might as well go. Then the instructor was late. The one instructor that I actually like. Not a little late, but 5 minutes late. Our class starts at 5:30AM, yes I get that its early, but you signed up for it be on time. I ended up having to leave before class was over. I have to go home, shower, inhale some breakfast, get ready for work and some how manage to get myself, my daughter and husband all out of the door with in about 35 minutes. Now my husband is takes care of himself and helps with our daughter but it is either a perfect transition or everything goes horribly wrong. Thankfully yesterday went well. 

This morning's wake up as not as easy as Monday's. I woke up at 4:45 and determine I might as well sleep until 6 today. Tonight I will do a Biggest Loser run, now I just need to figure out a routine based on the show. I am thinking for each of the following increase the speed for 30 secs  - Product Ad, Contestant crying or wanting to quit, commercial, and...heck I am not sure right now, there are more annoying things about BL, but my mind just went blank. Do you have any suggestions to make this 3 mile run a tough one?

And now for the plan for this week:
Monday - Spin Class - Done
Tuesday - Easy Run 3 miles @ 14:07
Wednesday - Spin Class
Thursday - Tempo Run - 5 mile, 3 @ 12:29
Friday - Easy Run - 4 miles @14:07
Saturday  - Rest
Sunday  - Salmon Days 10K

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  1. I love it! Like a drinking game but much healthier. Maybe work in some inclines?

  2. Haha, speed up when someone cries. I'm with Carla, maybe increase the incline when a man cries/walks out of the gym. They seemed to be doing a lot of that last week.

  3. - Yes incline will need to be worked in....hmmm I need to make a list.

  4. I ***love*** the idea of a Biggest Loser based run.

    Will you be watching while you're on the treadmill, or watching and taking notes, then hitting up the treadmill?

  5. Too funny! If you speed up every tie someone cries it is going to be a TOUGH run! I would say start at a jog, and up the speed .1 every time something happen like that, so you finish the run at a tempo pace!

  6. just found your blog! woo hoo! i LOVE active bands but am at work right now so am going to have to look into your giveaway later :) this run for BL sounds awesome...i agree with Vanessa...it may be a tough one if you do something everytime someone cries ;) good luck!

  7. You're cracking me up. I read HealthyStrides.blogspot.com a week or two ago and she was looking for a way to turn a training session into something "fun" by using things from BL too - hilarious!!!!! I used to watch the State of the Union with people who took a shot every time there was a standing Ovation. Too funny! Hope it's a good workout whatever you come up with.