Friday, September 30, 2011

I don't want to ruin my hair

Happy Friday! Last night I finally got my hair cut after like 6 months, it could have been longer.  I just had her clean it up and take about an inch of all around. Don't mind the black eye look, after work I tend to rub my eyes and get all sexy with rubbing my mascara around.  I also have terrible bags that I get to blame on genetics, oh well. I posted this photo to my facebook and said that I really didn't want to workout.  No one motivated me to run,  but after putting the little one to bed and doing some prep for today I finally made it the treadmill around 8:30PM. 

My legs were not having it. I think it was a combination with not drinking enough water yesterday and this being day 11 of some sort of workout. I am in desperate need of a rest day, Saturday cannot come fast enough.  I hopped off the treadmill after 3 miles and opted to finish up with a little weight work.

Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]This weekend we have local festival - Salmon Days. This will consist of a parade on Saturday and then walking around the festival area.....Saturday was my rest day. Sunday is the Salmon Days Run, for the past few years I have done the 5K, but this year I will be running the 10K I am thankful it is flat, but am considering switching to the 5K, since my last 10K was a little miserable.

I can't believe that today is the last day of September. This month has been fun, I need to work on my recap and goal for October. In the mean time check out my giveaway from Active Band Giveaway - Here ends 10/4 and then have a Happy Friday Blog Hopping. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So this is how it went

It was awesome.....seriously the mileage I had to do on the treadmill just flew by.  Tuesday's plan called for -easy Run 3 miles @ 14:07. Here was my plan to rev up my easy run a little as my legs felt great and my ankle was pain free all day.

5 minute warm up at 14:07 easy pace.
2 minutes at base pace 12:45

Begin watching the show with the below intervals in mind.  Each interval will be done in 30 second - 1 minute intervals depending on how long I can hold it and then I will return to the base pace.  If two or more items happen in a row I will work through them and move back to the base pace and wait for the next interval. 
  • Fake Commercials - up speed by .5mph
  • One of the men cry - up speed up by 1mph
  • If they are on the treadmill - match the workout if shown or stated by the trainer
  • Vomit - all out sprint as fast as I can
  • Commercial - up incline 4%
  • Bob swears like at Joelle, remember Joelle well just in case here is a clip - Incline to 10% and run at whatever speed you can.

Lets get down to business. I made post-it notes with all my intervals and moved which ever one was in place in front of me.

My favorite one was "Bob Freaks Out", on all of the other cards I wrote motivational statements, but I figure for the Bob Freak Out - Put the incline to 10% and go! Was good enough.

After each interval I marked that card with a number, I wanted to see how many times I completed each post it.  I was a little bummed that there was no vomit, and a little irritated that there were 3 scenes of men crying. I wanted to scream come on guys suck it up.

I ran 3.5 miles in 45 minute, which was perfect because I completed my run before all of the contestants went to go see the doctor and the cry fest really started. Muahahahahah! Was that my evil plan all along, actually I was getting bored at first as it took 16 minutes into my run before anything actually happened. But then the men started to cry, Bob started yelling, they went to commercial and came back to the guy falling off the Spin bike and crying.  I will do this type of run again - it was fun.

For my run I sported my Silver Sparkly Active Band,
for a chance to win your won check out my giveaway Active Band Giveaway - Here ends 10/4.

BL based run

So I started this post yesterday and didn't get very far. Truth I only copied my plan in and I couldn't think of anything else to write about.   Yesterday I pulled my booty out of bed for Spin Class, I actually was going to sleep in but I was already awake so I figured I might as well go. Then the instructor was late. The one instructor that I actually like. Not a little late, but 5 minutes late. Our class starts at 5:30AM, yes I get that its early, but you signed up for it be on time. I ended up having to leave before class was over. I have to go home, shower, inhale some breakfast, get ready for work and some how manage to get myself, my daughter and husband all out of the door with in about 35 minutes. Now my husband is takes care of himself and helps with our daughter but it is either a perfect transition or everything goes horribly wrong. Thankfully yesterday went well. 

This morning's wake up as not as easy as Monday's. I woke up at 4:45 and determine I might as well sleep until 6 today. Tonight I will do a Biggest Loser run, now I just need to figure out a routine based on the show. I am thinking for each of the following increase the speed for 30 secs  - Product Ad, Contestant crying or wanting to quit, commercial, and...heck I am not sure right now, there are more annoying things about BL, but my mind just went blank. Do you have any suggestions to make this 3 mile run a tough one?

And now for the plan for this week:
Monday - Spin Class - Done
Tuesday - Easy Run 3 miles @ 14:07
Wednesday - Spin Class
Thursday - Tempo Run - 5 mile, 3 @ 12:29
Friday - Easy Run - 4 miles @14:07
Saturday  - Rest
Sunday  - Salmon Days 10K

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Active Bands Giveaway x2

I have mentioned before my love for Active Bands. After winning a Facebook contest I was able to try them out. I recently just put in a another order for some more. They are awesome and anything that keeps my hair out of my face when I workout is stellar in my book.

In honor of reaching 100 followers (still shocked by this, thank you) I am teaming up with Active Bands for a giveaway, but not one giveaway but lets have double the fun with two giveaways.  

What will you win?

2 Amazing followers will become 2 Luck Winners

Each winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Active Bands online store.

How to ENTER (1 comment per enter)

REQUIRED - Go to Active Bands and click around and tell me which style you like the best, leave me a comment.

For Extra Entries - Do one or more of the following. Remember to leave a new comment for each item.  
  1. Like Active Band on Facebook Here. Leave a comment on Facebook letting them know that I sent you over. If you already like them - just leave a comment and let me know you are a fan.
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  3. Become a follower of Runnermaybe by clicking the join this site on the right hand side. If you are already a follower just let me know and a big Thank you! Its because of you that I am having this giveaway.
  4. Want one more chance to enter - Ask me anything? Make a comment with a question for me. I will answer the questions in a blog post at a later date.
There are over 5+ ways to enter, just remember to leave a comment for each enter. This contest will run until 9AM PST on National Trucker day 10/4......okay I don't know if it is actually National Trucker day but 10-4, good buddy!  Did I make you laugh - I learned that joke from my 10th grade math teacher.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two events one weekend

This weekend  I feel like I have been on my feet no stop.  Saturday was I was part of Team Amazing Joe - Seattle Brain Cancer Walk. We walked in honor of Sean's Uncle Joe. This year the walk was bigger then ever! There was an insane amount of people in a very small area. I think they really need to go with a full 5K walk and work with an organizer to make it happen. The have a good event, but it has the potential to be a great event.  A few photo's from our walk.
Me, Evie and Sean

Me pre- walk! It was a beautiful day out.

Evie ready for her walk. Her shirt was a little big, but she rocked it.

On our second mile Evie took the easy road. A lift from Daddy.

After the walk I headed up to Bellingham to have a grown up sleep over at my friends house. This morning we woke up early and went with my friend to her first 5K. Her goal was to just run the entire thing. Some how this run was uphill both ways. How the heck does that this is not a grandparent was a slow gradual climb out and then a different road back that was a climb.  The second half of the run was on a gravel trail that was not nice on my ankle, but I pushed through and made it to the end. My friend did awesome on her first 5K and even left me in the dust the last 1/2 mile.

Me, early this morning! Before the sun was up...I miss summer runs already.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Love me some Friday's

I am pretty sure I used that title before, but it is true.  I am so happy it is Friday any one else with me, even if we have an extremely busy weekend. Saturday we have the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk on and then I drive up to my friends house for a sleep over. Because on Sunday we am running the Bellingham Bay 5K.

Last night I jumped on the treadmill and did a very slow 3.5 miles. My ankle survived! I made sure to ice afterwards and it was feeling great when I finally made it to bed. On deck for Friday, try to fit a Spin Class and then a short run to make sure the ankle is still feeling good.

Also as always another big thank you to all of my followers! I seriously can't believe that I have reached 100+ followers and I will be having a giveaway soon in honor of that! 

If you are racing, training or just enjoying the cooler weather for a run this weekend have a wonderful time.  Don't forget to Blog Hop Friday
Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness].

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guess what I did?

I signed up to be a Runny Buddy for Girls on the Run. I have looked at their organization several times. I have been highly impressed with it but never thought of signing up. Then yesterday I got a post on Facebook that from Free Julie who said she thought of me when she saw an article about it.  I replied "Thanks! I have looked into this in the past! I will have to see if it will work for this run" and 20 minutes later I was signed up to be a Runny Buddy!  

What did I commit to - one practice 5K run in November and then the event run in December. Now I wait to see what school I am assigned to.  My heart is still pounding, why am I so nervous? I know that I can encourage and motivate someone else...right?  I do it online all the time, but motivating someone in person is so different. I am sure I will make a fool out of myself but heck that is my charm. Maybe I need to brush up on my knock, knock jokes in case I run out of things to talk about.
If any other women bloggers in my area want to sign up check out this link HERE. There many are school options to pick from also many different levels of fitness, you get to select your mile time for better placement with girl.

Short and quick

That's what she said!  Yes I am that childish today.  And now for my Three Things Thursday:

1. When I run with my handheld and a Nuun tablet in it it leaks out the top. Is this just me? Or is Nuun just so fizzy that it leaks? Maybe  I just shake my hand around to much when I run.

2. My foot is slowly getting better. I am going to try to run on it tonight I am nervous, but we will see how it holds up.

3. I was asked yesterday - If you were a song, what song would you be? I picked You're Free by Yomanda.  What song would you be?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Word, word, word, word is the bird

For Tuesday the plan called for 4 miles at 14:10, I woke up early an realized that if I ran before work I wouldn't have to ice my ankle after the run so I hit snooze and went back to sleep. :)  After work my ankle was aching after two ice sessions and some ibuprofen I decided to go to the gym and do the elliptical. The brace I have is not fitting me right, it hurts my arch withing 5 minutes of working out. I ended up taking it off to finish up my workout.  Last night I ordered Ankle Compression Sleeve's from Tommie Cooper. I have read such good reviews and look forward to giving them a try.

This morning I got out of bed and went to Spin class I wore my Achilles brace instead of the ankle brace. This felt so much better on my entire foot. I also wore the same clothing I wore to the gym the night I was extra smelly.  The class was great it seems that the 5:30AM class is increasing in size today we had 10 number of peps in class.  When I first started going there was only 3 or maybe 4 on a weekday morning.  After class I rushed home showered and off to work. It is really hard to cool down and get changed and ready in 30 minutes, I think I continue to sweat for the next 2 hours.

What I am listening to Wednesday, is that what I called it last week? This week my drives to work have been consumed with Adele. Oh how I love Adele.

Do you get hung up on one Artist and just put there album on repeat or do you like switch it up?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Be honest

Three things Monday

This morning I got my booty to Spin class to test out my ankle. It handled the class ok, but I think I had the brace to tight as it hurt other parts of my foot. I will have to work out the kinks in that. Overall I think it is on the mend and I hope to be able to start training again this week.

I have fallen in love with a new product. A while back I won a Facebook Contest for Active Bands, since then I received them that is all I wear when I workout. The stay in place and don't make my head funny! I even rocked on this weekend when we went to the movies. If you are friends with them on Facebook they are always offering some sort of discount code also.  In my past few race photo's I have been wearing one, but for the cuteness factor here is my little booger wearing my favorite one. If you have a favorite headband let me know, I am always looking for more.

Lastly and most importantly this weekend we will be participating in the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk. We are walking under Team Amazing Joe in honor of my husband's Uncle Joe who lost his battle with Brain Cancer. If you can take a moment and donate even a $1 that would be awesome. I just learned today that the Seattle Brain Cancer walk has a anonymous matching donation of $500,000. I received a call this morning from the foundation asking us to reach out for more donations because right now they have raised $266,000 and are working on reaching $500,000 so they can take full advantage of the matching gift. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Updated

I have done nothing all weekend. I played it by ear each day and when my alarm went off for Spin class both days, I moved my foot winced in pain and rolled over and went back to sleep. I have been wearing a compression brace off and on all weekend and icing it.  It was feeling better but I just got back from walking the mall and going to The Lion King with my daughter and it is aching so the brace is back on and I will ice once I have time to sit down for more then 5 minutes.

The plan this week is not to push it, but to attempt all of my workouts and stop if my ankle gives me to much of a hard time. I am 10 weeks out from my half, so I want to still stay on schedule without hurting myself more.

Monday - Spin
Tuesday - 4 @ 14:10
Wednesday - Spin
Thursday - 5 w/2@ 11:50 w/800 jogs
Friday - 5 @14:10
Saturday - Seattle Brain Cancer Walk
Sunday - Bellingham Bay 5K

How was your weekend?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ouch that hurt

Helllllllllo Friday it is so good to see you! First I want to say a big thank you to all of my followers!  I can't believe that I have 97 followers!  You all are AMAZING! You give me great advice and encouragement when I need it the most! Thank you!
Last night I got on the treadmill late, but I needed to knock out my 5 miles that my planned called for. The goal was 5 miles with 3 miles @ 12:35. What I accomplished was 5 miles in 12:35, I felt great. In fact at 5 miles I slowed down to a walk and then said heck I should do another half or a mile and see how I feel.  I increased the speed on the treadmill and not 10 seconds later I rolled my ankle! @#$!*  @#$&(N @#$@#$(*

My right ankle has always been a pain point for me. It bugged me all through high school to the point where I had to tape it and wear an air cast when I played basketball. It started bothering me again in 2008 and I was diagnosed with Achilles tendinitis in the same foot.  During my 10 mile run when training for my first half I rolled it and it hasn't been the same since.

My ice packs are at my Dad's house, so I only had this dinky ice pack that I use for my daughter. Once that was warm, I switched to a bag of frozen fruit. The inside of  my ankle throbbed all night and this morning it hurts to walk on but is manageable. Looks like I am going to have a forced rest for the next couple of days I am glad this came early in my half training so that I have time to recover. For today I will rest and then reevaluate each day.

Best of luck to everyone who is out running this weekend. I know several of you are going to be out there smashing it at YoGoGirl!  Have an AMAZING weekend. 

Don't forget that it is Friday Blog Hop
 Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Woot, I was not last

My goal when I go out and run is to cross the finish line, sure I have a time in my head but I am not there yet to really push that. I always say that I don't want to be the last person in my age group across the finish line. Well this past weekend I wouldn't know anyways because I forgot my timing chip but my finish line photo at least shows a few people behind me. Whooo hoo I am not last.

Can you see them, the people coming in behind me? Sometimes it is the little things that keep me going. :)

This morning I did not want to get up, then when I finally talked myself into getting out of bed my back was killing me. Yea, I didn't get up which means I didn't work out. Oh well I have tonight to get my 5 miles that is on the schedule done.

Soooooo........I told myself I wasn't allowed to by any new running stuff until I dropped a few of these pounds that have been bugging me.  Of course now I want new stuff.  New capri's, a new skirt and heck toss in some new shoes while I am at it. This is going to be a tough few months while I knock off these pounds.

Do you use "things" as motivation to do stuff? Clothing as rewards for losing weight or meeting running/fitness goals?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Check, check, check

Just checking things off my weekly list here is where I am at:
Monday - Spin   check
Tuesday - 2 Mi @14:13, arms weights, abs and leg works  check
Wednesday - Spin check
Thursday - 5 mi, 3 miles @ 12:35
Friday - 2 Mi @14:13, arms weights, abs and leg work
Saturday - Rest (maybe Spin depending on how I feel)
Sunday - 8 Miles @14:13 (outside)

My spin class this morning kicked my butt! I seriously considered taking the elevator at work, instead I counted the steps to my floor. I am on the 3rd floor and each flight has 28 steps, long stairways. It feels so good to get things crossed off the list. Even if I am already dreading tomorrows run. Not because of the run itself but because of the time I have to wake up in the morning. As I have mentioned before I am watch Nip/Tuck as I run, and well sometimes it is a bit over the top for a 4:45AM run. I am almost done with all the seasons on Netflix, so I need suggestions for other series to watch while I run.

And now for a What I am listening to Wednesday, yea this won't be a regular feature. Last week it was the Sneaker Pimps. This week I have been a bit addicted to Kid Cudi, well maybe not just this week but I I have listened to him ever day this week on the way to work and the way home.

Happy Wednesday.  Photo of the day will be added later or maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 Mile Tuesday

Today was 2 mile Tuesday, that is what my plan called for so that is what I did.  I hated every minute of the run, but then I added some cross training. Arm weights, chair squats, jumping jacks and rinse and repeat.  When I was done I wanted to do more, but I was out of time and needed to hit the showers to make it to work on time.

Day 13 - Photo Challenge - Animal - This one of my dogs. Her name is Maggie and she is 8.5 years old. You might wonder how she relates to fitness, well Maggie is  a smelly sock lover. Meaning when I am done with a run she will sit next to me and wait for me to take my socks off. Then she will snatch them from my hands and retire to her bed with them. I seriously find more missing socks in her bed then anywhere else.  She does like to lick the occasionally sweaty arm, but if you give her a sock she is in heaven.

Do you have pets? Do they try to eat your socks also?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Iron Girl 10K and the rest of the stuff

This race I am going to start with the bad and then move to the good. The bad - I forgot my timing chip at home, I went down a one way street the wrong way, Sean dropped me off to park the car after that. I forgot my sunglasses and it was sunny. I felt unorganized at the start of the race, my back hurt, my right ankle hurt, I wanted to give up, I wanted to quit and I wanted to throw in the towel on running all together. It was a long race mentally and physically for me.

Now the good - I looked cute, thanks to a random vote by my facebook friends last night. I am addicted to non racing tanks. I just like the way the feel on my body and I guess since I am not a heavy sweater it works. Love this tank. I just wish I liked it in the other colors as I would snatch some more up.
 The race started on time and was super crowded 5K and 10K started together. That was to be expected as the area we were running was kind of small. Everyone was nice and the volunteers were great. About 2.5 miles in my right ankle started giving me problems and the self doubt crept in. I wanted to give up. This was the first race since my half that my family had come to and I just wanted to see them. The race was two laps around the GreekLake and I figured if I saw them before the 5K finish I would quit at the 5K. I couldn't find them anywhere, so I passed the 5K finish and kept going. I saw them at 3.5 miles. That was the boost I needed to keep going. I was slower then I wanted to be, but I just kept telling myself that I was half way done. I met a very nice lady (sorry I am terrible at getting name) and as we would pass each other we kept encouraging each other along the way. She finished about a minute in front of me and was there waiting with a high-five. Seriously super nice and just what I needed at the time.

Post race I found my husband and daughter, I she was happy to see me. She was just upset that she didn't get to run with me. Next year for sure we will make this a mother/daughter run and just do the 5K. You heard that right I will be back next year. I am not giving up on this running adventure just yet.
At the end I had to go off my time on my garmin since I forgot to put the chip on my shoe. I completed this run in 1 hour and 24 minutes, a little slower then my last 10K and still not the PR I am looking for but I have one more 10K planned for this year The Salmon Days 10K, and well I the route is right out my door so I have home field advantage.

The plan for the rest of the week is simple - get up early and workout before work. Okay not that simple, but my husbands schedule has been a little crazy lately and getting to the gym after work is near impossible.

Monday - Spin
Tuesday - 2 Mi @14:13, arms weights, abs and leg works
Wednesday - Spin
Thursday - 5 mi, 3 miles @ 12:35
Friday - 2 Mi @14:13, arms weights, abs and leg work
Saturday - Rest (maybe Spin depending on how I feel)
Sunday - 8 Miles @14:13

Day 12 - Photo Challenge - On my plate. This is Minestrone Soup that I made last night, so I cheated and took the photo while it was cooking. This is what I am eating today for lunch.

Do you have a favorite type of running top? Good Fall/Winter soup recipe you would like to share?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 9 - 11

I am still doing the photo challenge, I just didn't get a chance to post the past 3 yet so here they are:

Day 9 - Something from a distance

Day 10  - Your choice

Day 11 - B&W Photo

Friday, September 9, 2011

Schweddy What?

Totally not fitness related, but heck we all have to branch out sometimes. I guess I could circle this thought back to fitness.

Did you hear?

Ben and Jerry's came out with a limited edition ice cream.

Whats the name you ask?

Well according to their website:

Schweddy Balls

Queue.....inappropriate jokes.  Now you ask how does this circle back to exercise, well if you are a man reading this - eeh I am sure you have had this issue from working out. If you are women - lets just say stay away from this Ben and Jerry's as I am not sure the conversation about how you have to work off your ice cream....Schweddy Balls is a conversation you want to have. Well unless you are Rose and talking to her trainer.
Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]
This weekend I have the Iron Girl 10K in Seattle. The weather is supposed to be amazing and I am looking forward to it. Anyone else racing this weekend?

 Hope everyone has a great Friday don't forget to Blog Hop!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunny day

Summer in Seattle has finally arrived, just in time for back to school and everyone to be to busy to do anything. That is ok, I love the sunshine as I have mentioned a million times and it makes me happy every day to see it.  I am sad that it is already starting to get lighter later and darker earlier, I do no like that part. I am shocked that Fall is almost here, shocked!  Did summer just fly by for anyone else?

This morning my alarm went off at 5AM and I hit snooze and slept until 6AM, I have a 3 mile run on the schedule for today and will fit it in later. I brought out my hand weights and have started adding in arms after my shorter runs. I noticed since I stopped the push up challenge and kickboxing that my arms are going to mush again. I must work on that!

Does anyone use Podcast for working out? I having been searching for some Podcast for Spinning? Our gym does not always have classes that are easy for me to attend, but the Spin bikes are available when classes are not in session. I figure if I can get a few good Podcast I can get my Spin on anytime I want.

Day 8 - Photo Challenge - Something close up.  A nuun tab - Strawberry Lemonade dropped into a class of water.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

RLAM the Tour - coming to Seattle

Local Runners - Did you know that RLAM is coming to Seattle? I didn't until I saw a post on facebook. Ahhh...what would we do without social media. With a little more digging I found all of the info.

RLAM the Tour  - Sunday, September 18 5-8PM  Seattle, WA
SBS and Dimity will be at West Seattle Runner together for a 3-mile fun run and meet-and-mingle. Come run (or walk—all speeds welcome!) with Dimity and Sarah, then mingle with them and other mother runners. Giveaways; light snacks and refreshments; books, tees, and Sweaty Bands for sale.

Spin Spin Sugar

Last night I knocked out my 3 miles with confidence. After my post yesterday I decided to take that to the treadmill and just use that mental strength to do my run. It was the  best I have felt about a run in a while. 

This morning I got up early and headed to Spin Class. I like this instructor he just gets the job done, no quotes, just motivation to keep pushing yourself.  As I was driving to class I kept thinking Spin Spin Sugar and over in my head for some reason. It has been years since I heard this song, but I think it would be a good song to spin to.

Day 7 - Photo Challenge - Fruit or Veggie

If you had to pick one song to wake up to what would it be? Any random songs pop into your head lately?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Inspiration

Do you ever read a blog post and think. How do they do it? How do they move past the limits that we impose on ourselves and push through.  That is exactly how I felt today when reading See Mom Run Far, if you don't read her blog you should. If you read one post today it should be this one.  She put into words what I have been feeling for a long time but didn't know how to put into words. I was inspired today, I was inspired to put it all behind me. Today is a new day and a new page to reach my goals. My goals are just that my goals. I have two running goals for the last few months of this year:
  • Get a PR on a 10K (so I have only ran 2 10Ks, but I have 2 more left and I plan to make one of those my fastest 10K for the year.)
  • Get a Sub-3 Half. My first half was  3:04:20 - I know that might not sound like much to others, but I was in for a one-two punch from bloggers today and when reading a blog post from Kerri T.   it was like...d'oh Jen, get with it! She wrote:  Speed is Relative. Compare your new fast times only to your past times. All you runners out there getting your Sub-2 goals! You just go on with your bad ass self and I will do the same. 
I must look at each goal and attack them. Look at my plans and adjust them so that I can reach my goals. I know that there will be failure along the way, but failure is a sign that I am trying. If I don't try I won't fail. If I stay strong I will reach them and achieve success.  So to Kerri T. and to Erin - thank you for reminding me that goals can be achieved.

Day 6 - Photo Challenge - Something from a low angle. My trusty visor. I should really invest in more the one.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Monday

Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day. I hope everyone is having a great day and hopefully you have it off of work.  The plan for this week seems  a bit light, but I am trusting my plan and going to follow it to the best of my ability. 

Monday - The Zoo
Tuesday - 3 Mi @ 14:13
Wednesday - Spin Class
Thursday - 3 Mi @  14:13
Friday - 3 Mi @ 14:13
Saturday - Spin Class
Sunday - Seattle Iron Girl 10K

Walking around the zoo for 4 hours counts as a workout right.  Maybe not a high impact workout but it is a lot more of a workout during the day then I would do during a normal Monday.

As for my questions on juicing yesterday, I am 98% sure I would never do a juice fast for all 3 meals. I may do one meal, but I enjoy eating. I like the taste of food and the fuel it provides for my body. The documentary was very thought provoking, however it did not compel me to stop eating and start juicing a 100%.

Day 5 - Photo Challenge - Something from a high angle. Two things I run with whenever I run outside. My RoadID and Garmin.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is that a floating bridge, why yes it is

This morning I headed out early to hit the trail. I decided late last night not to run the entire trail but instead to park in the middle and do and out and back on the bridge and then just make up the rest as I go. This would have worked out perfectly except with in the first .5 miles I messed up my Garmin and continued to hit stop 3 more times, when I thought I was pausing it. My goal this run was just to do the distance. I stopped t .5 of a mile to use the port-a-potty as I knew that it would be a while until I was back. Instead of just using the auto pause feature I stopped it. Then instead of starting I - rest it. Fail!  Yea I should have realized then that I shouldn't push stop on my watch.....but I didn't! stopped and forgot to start it 3 other times. Fail, Fail, Fail. Oh well, I worked it all out in my head and I completed the 8 miles even if I don't have the Garmin to prove it.

All photos are from my phone as I brought my little point and shot and as I got on the freeway realized I forgot to put the battery in it, this would be the first fail of the day. Almost a mile into my run about to head down to the bridge deck. If you have ran the Seattle RnR full marathon you run on the carpool lane of this bridge for a bit. The total distance across the bridge is 1.6 miles.

On the West side of the bridge. This is the exit of the tunnel that I will get to run through during the Seattle Half Marathon in November. I am actually excited to do it, one of those things to cross of my list to say that I have completed.

From the West side of the bridge looking South towards Mt. Rainer.

Looking back east at the city of Bellevue

As I was running West the sun was at my back and it was hot. When I turned around the sun was on my face but it wasn't as hot because of a nice breeze coming of the water.

a photo of my buns for those who asked

Overall it was a good run, I just wish I could have mastered my Garmin a little better. Its not like I haven't used it before. I just have to remember to not stop the timer and allow it to auto pause. Lesson learned.

Day 4 - Photo Challenge - People. Here are MY people, my lovely daughter and husband who are my support along my journey.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday. I am going to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead while my little monster takes a nap.

Have you seen that movie?  Do you Juice? Have you ever fasted?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A day of rest

I decided to make today a rest day. I didn't sleep very well last night and when my daughter crawled into my bed just before 6AM I turned off my alarm.  We went to the mall this afternoon to look for some Labor Day Sales and I was discouraged that I didn't walk out with anything. I did drool over a couple of things in Lululemon but I couldn't bring myself to purchase anything. I need to drive up to the outlet and get my fix there.

Day 3 - Photo Challenge - The Weather. Since today was a rest day I took a photo of my daughter smelling the flowers. As for the weather see how the wonderful, beautiful sun is shinning off her hair! Oh sun please stay in Washington a little longer I love it when you visit.

Whats up next for me on during the 3 day weekend. Tomorrow is 8 miles, still super nervous but I am going to get it done early so I can enjoy the rest of the day. I will do my best to take photos as I believe it will be a beautiful trail

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eggs in a boat

The plan for Friday was Easy Run - 2 Mi @ 14:17, I got to they gym at 5:30AM and had just enough time to bust out the 2 miles before heading up to Spin Class. I am not a fan of this instructor, but it she gets the job done. Her "thing" is to read some sort of inspirational quote with each song. I get she is try to engage the class, but it was 6AM class you are lucky we even made it. :)

Egg in a Boat RecipeFor breakfast  I made on of my favorites....eggs in a boat as I like to call them. I have heard them also referred to as egg nests.  In case you have never had them see the picture. They are super easy and fun. All you need is an egg and  piece of toast, make a hole in the bread and crack the egg in side. Cook egg to desired done-ness (thats a word right) and enjoy!  Something about it is so satisfying. I find its a perfect balance of carbs and protein for the morning.

Today I am going to attempt to go donate blood again. The past few times I have been borderline anermic and I wasn't allowed to. I hope that today goes better. I always feel bad when they call and ask me to come in and I can't. They called me this week and said that the East Coast is requesting blood from other states and since I am O- if I could please come in. Wish me luck.

Day 2 -  Photo Challenge - What you wore today. My running shoes - always double knotted

On the docket this weekend (since Rose overused this word it has constantly be pooping in my head) 8 miles. I am a little freaked out by it. I am going to do a bike/running trail that I have been wanting to do since I started running. It was on of my I must run this trail at some point in my life trails. I looked it up on line and it says it is an 8 mile trail - so it is meant to be.  I hope it goes as good as I have planned in my head. My goal the next two days is proper fueling as I know my body will need it.

What is on your docket this weekend? (look twice in one blog)!  Don't forget to join in on Fitness Friday Blog Hop.
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept. 1 - 30 day photo challenge

I joined a photo challenge being held by Kari. She has created a list of photos we need to take over the next 30 days. Today's photo was Self Portrait. For each photo I am going to attempt to relate it to running, fitness or health. This should be interesting and fun at the same time.

So maybe this isn't a self portrait, but it is one of buns that I wore in my hair today when I ran my 4 miles tempo run.

New month fresh start

Does it feel like this month is just flying by to anyone else. I swear it was just March the other day, or maybe I am confused by the already dropping temps. I am not ready for Fall, I am not ready for Fall!  Either way lets take a look at my August goals and accomplishments:

Goals for August:
- 2 kick boxing class a week  - Not sure how many I took, but not as many as I would like before my coupon expired.
- Go hiking with the kiddo 1x - done found a nice little trail by our house
- Attend 2 Spin Classes - done attended 4 classes
- Run my hill 4x this month  - ehh not so much
- Run 11 miles a week in any combination of runs - didn't hit all of my mileage
- Evaluate my level at the end of the month and maybe register for a half in September - decided to pass as my schedule just won't allow it and I don't feel like I would be ready.
- Lose a few lbs - lost a few and gained a few
- Run a 10K   -  complete

Overall I am happy with the month of August, but I know I can do better in September, so here are my goals for September:

- Attend 4 Spin Classes
- Run my hill - I am running out of time as the first day of fall is 9/23.
- Start official half marathon training
Iron Girl 10K
- Seattle Brain Cancer Walk
- Bellingham Bay 5K

That is it - I am keeping it simple and just going to get it done!