Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Words Wednesday

Sean and Evie
I opened up a new post several times yesterday and well had nothing to say. But today on this lovely Wednesday I have something very important to say.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubs. Today he turns 34, yup I like older men it doesn't really count if he is only 8 months. Either way to day is his birthday and I hope that I can make it a wonderful day for him. My daughter and I ordered a cake for him earlier this week. I let her pick out the decoration so it should be fun.

What that means for me in terms of working out. It means I got my booty up at 4:55AM to hit they gym Spin Class before work.  I have never been to this particular class I usually hit up the weekend classes, but it was a good one.  One benefit of dragging myself out of bed before work is when I get home I get to relax. I need to do this more often I hate the idea of a workout looming over my head in the evening.  The one downside of this is I didn't get my 5 miles done until shortly after 9PM last night, crashed around 11PM - not enough sleep and my body was feeling it. It was a tight time frame from gym to work but I made it work out. I am thankful that  my 4 year old was being cooperative this morning.

A look at my week so far:
Mon - 2 miles, abs and some arm work - done
Tue - Easy run 5Mi @14:20 done
Wed - Spin Class - done

I love crossing things off my list!  Of course whats left is going to be tough - but I will get it done. I wonder if I can drag my booty out of bed two days in a row. It would be easier then trying to complete that run Thursday night.  The one thing I am most worried about is my Sunday run still trying to figure out the logistics to that.

Thur - Speed work 4Mi, Inc Warm, 2x1600 in 12:00 w/800 jogs, cool
Fri - Spin Class
Sat - Rest
Sun -Long Run 6 Mi @14:20

Whats the earliest you get up to workout? Are you a morning person or do you have to drag yourself out of bed like me?


  1. I am ONLY a morning person. I usually get up for a class in the AM around 5:15 {class starts at 6AM} but in the summer I like to get out when the sun comes up...5:30 is usually the earliest I am actually out and about. ;-)

    I am not a runner..but soooo trying...;-)

  2. Ooo, great job getting up early! I am a slug in the morning. Blech.

  3. I HAVE to run in the morning, or it doesn't get done. It was REALLY difficult, at first, to drag myself out of bed (sometimes before 4:00 a.m.), but it truly becomes easier the more I do it.

  4. I'm NOT a morning person - but GREAT job! Keep up the good work of achieving your weekly goals!!!!