Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Plan


We had a really busy weekend and Sunday morning I just couldn't get myself moving. Saturday I knew I had to get up early and Sunday I had nothing planned for the day. Of course this came back to bite me as I didn't get to run until 8:30PM  - oh well I queued up some Nip/Tuck and worked it out.

This weeks plan:
Monday  - Rest (actually going to see The Help with my book club)
Tuesday- Easy Run - 4 Mi @14:23
Wednesday - Spin Class or Kickboxing not sure which one yet
Thursday - Tempo Run - 4 Mi; inc warm up, 2 @12:39; cool
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Spin Class and maybe kickboxing after, depends on the weather if it is sunny we will head to the lake after Spin Class. Cloudy I get and extra workout in.
Sunday - Lake Union 10K (which match's my plan of 6Mi)

I am actually looking forward to this week I think that I will be able to hit all of my workouts. The only thing I am not looking forward to is make some modifications in my eating habits. I signed up for a Facebook Challenge to attempt to eat clean for 5 days. This one is going to be tough, but I look forward to the challenge, I might of had one or two extra chocolate chip cookies today knowing that tomorrow I will resist them.  My biggest weakness is giving up my coffee, I am not sure I will do that as I enjoy my creamer in my coffee a little to much.  Oh and protein powder in my smoothies, not sure if that is allowed - but if I am giving up Greek Yogurt for a week I will need a smoothie with extra protein.

Have you given up processed foods before? If so what is your biggest weakness?

p.s. thank you for all the wonderful comments on my Friday's post.  I really appreciated the perspective and the extra motivation to keep pushing.


  1. I LOVE spin classes, although since I no longer have a gym membership I don't get to do them. Oh .. and I loved The Help! Read it for book club as well and saw it this weekend. Have fun!

  2. I tried to eat clean once, I didn't even make it three days and I was eating cake. Good luck!

  3. I gave up coffee 4 months ago. I tried to have a cup today but couldn't drink it. bLAHH...

  4. i saw the help on saturday. i thought it was good, but kept comparing it to the book which i had just finished... The book was phenomenal!!